5 Courses that prepare you to work anywhere

If you wish to study any course that'll help you work anywhere, you'll need to check out these five courses.

Studying the right course in school will make you useful and relevant anywhere you find yourself

The quest to get a High paying job after school is no doubt the dream of every student.

There are certain courses that prepare you to work in any field and makes you useful and relevant in any work environment you find yourself.

1. Communication

Studying communication allows you to work anywhere

Communication is one course that grooms you to work anywhere and still gives you a satisfying experience wherever you find yourself.

As a communication graduate, you can decide to switch lines and do master's program in other disciplines like Marketing which also requires some degrees of communication skills.

Also, if you choose to go into Management, Business or even teaching, your communication knowledge and skills will help you communicate your way to success.

2. Marketing

This …


Do you look at the people performing in the higher platforms than you in your industry and envy, wishing you could be up there?

People like you or  younger,  doing what you really wish to do at the very top of your field. Playing in the higher leagues on a Global or national stage?

I have discovered you can play on a higher league. You are really not condemned to a local league if you do want to get out.

The Strategy to Escaping the Local league is not rocket science.


Have you discovered that in the game of football, highly exceptional Players are are not playing in our Local Nigerian league?

No offense to the NPFL, but even them consider it great when their player is spotted and courted by a club in EPL or Laliga In Europe.

When a player does well, He outgrows the local league, it is not pride, it is progress.

Two Ingredients are inevitable when it comes to Upping your game to  escape the local league and i am going to share them with you.

1) Competence(content)
2) Bra…

NeXt Consulting ideas for business success


We believe every Business, Idea, Project, Or Organisation has a NeXt Level of Operation and Execution. A NeXt Phase in its Productivity and Profitability.

NeXt Consulting is that Business designed to get there.

We work with you for a few days and generate NeXt Level ideas that will immediately improve your Business or Organisation.

We identify Limitations in your Business Process and Execution that once removed will instantly increase your income and Reach

We help find lasting, applicable and timely solutions to the greatest challenges facing your Business with the view of launching you to the NeXt Level of Profitability and influence

We guarantee you a minimum of TEN (10) unique Ideas that represent the NeXt Stage of operations for your Business or Project.

We will tell you what you are doing well and ways to improve while also identifying your weaknesses and working with you to clear them

That Idea or Project in your head you do not know how to go about it, talk …

Make More Mistakes

I am more afraid of the regret of doing too little than the regret of mistakes from attempting too much. It's because even the little attempted will not be free of errors. Much as no one sets out to make mistakes, they are inevitable. Mistakes are how we learn.I noticed while learning to speak English that those who where not afraid to knack kpoa are the ones that eventually improve. While the ones that where afraid of being laughed at remained as bad or worse.When embrace your imperfect self you release your perfect self. Don't be ashamed of your hustle. Don't disregard your journey. You will get there if you start and persist. Good morning.

Thiniking for a change

That Fallacy that people shouldn't think because it causes Hypertension Is why Africa is Underdeveloped. How can anyone dissuade you from thinking?

Thinking is the greatest work there is. Thinking is one of the highest act of living. The world is a product of thinking. Everything you see is a brainchild of thinkers.

The greatest people in every field are men who among the other skills they have are great thinkers.

You must differentiate thinking which is mental exercise geared towards finding solutions to problems from worrying which is a negative disempowering use of the brain characterised by fear and inactivity. Fear of anything at all. worrying Is Bad, Thinking Is Good

Worrying deactivates your creative problem solving brain. Thinking is calls upon it. While worrying will get you nowhere, thinking will get you out of trouble.

Thinking is the first step in the right direction. If you will think more you will not only come out of your problems but will be moved to the very top in l…

5 Life Mistakes You should not make

You would not want to look back at your youth and discover that there are things you regret. That is why it is most important that you do your best to get it right now that you are young and your wits are still about you. A step towards doing that is reading this article and internalizing the following mistakes you should avoid making:1. Marrying the wrong personMarriage is a lifetime deal so it would not make sense to slug it out with the wrong person. The wrong person here means someone who does not respect you, support your dreams, who abuses you emotionally and physically or who does not help you grow spiritually.2. Not taking care of your bodyAll the messed up things like alcohol and drugs that you take while you are young will catch up with you. Also, the exercise you procrastinate over is sure to rear its head later in life.3. Not making financial investmentsIt is good to give your best to where you work but don’t waste your best years there. If at all you must work for someone…

5 Habits of Couples who do not Argue

think so. All relationships go through ups and downs. Every couple has their fair share of arguments. Disagreements tend to happen when two people merge their personalities and interests together and have to overcome the challenges of daily life. However, just because life throws us curveballs does not mean we have to fight all the time with our partner.While healthy relationships do have disagreements, these tiffs shouldn’t become so commonplace that a couple forgets why they even got together in the first place.Here’s how to reduce arguments with your partner:1. Don’t get worked up over little things.In other words, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” We have all heard this phrase before, but how often do we practice it in our daily life? This advice can apply to pretty much any situation, but in a relationship, it means toforgive and forget. It means not expecting perfection from your partner, and learning to let things slide.Of course, you shouldn’t allow behavior that actually hurts y…

10 Super useful 21st Century Skills to Have

Technological advancement has made life in the 21st century both fun and challenging. It is fun for the millennial who moves along with technological tides, while it is challenging for those who decide to remain stagnant. Generally, there are four currencies in the 21st century that will make life easy when you have any of them. These currencies are; ideas, information, relationship and skills. However, our focus on this article will be on one of the currencies of the 21st century – skills. So, sit back and read the skills that are super useful to know in the 21st century.Regardless of the job you do, you should learn one of these skills that are super useful to know in the 21st century. This will make you to be a solution provider in whatever situation you find yourself.There are certain skills that are useful in every job. And when you make sacrifice to learn these skills you will become indispensable in your department. This will definitely be a great plus to your career growth.Li…