I believe most of my readers are still you young enough to avoid the consequences of not following your passion. Of studying courses you are not enthusiastic about, a course you would rather not study.
   As a young person, growing up and deciding what to do with your life,  the choice of course to study in the University will ultimately affect what you will be doing in life, who you will be and the fulfillment you will have. Do not let anything cause you to make the mistake of being stuck in a place you have no heart for. You may live to regret it.
   The truth is that each of us including you have a  purpose in life. This is the reason why God created you. Who God want you to be in life and what he wants you to do with your life. Each of our purposes are unique. It is not based on your background or your parents background or which school you attended. Purpose is inherent in you irrespective of your past history.
   The Good thing about purpose is that you before you were ever born, God had put in you,  all the abilities and talents that is required to make you what he wants you to be. Your duty is to discover who you are and develop it so you can manifest your potentials to the fullest.
  How to really discover your purpose is the subject of another post, but for the purpose of this topic, I will say one very critical thing.  "if you follow you passion, you will not miss your purpose" if you cannot  figure out what your purpose is, follow your God given passion. There is a very strong link between your passion in life and your purpose.
   Your passions are what you Naturally  love doing, what you are very good at better than others, what people praise you and come to you for. What you do with your spare time. Who you truly desire to be. Just ask yourself these  questions. Get to know your inclinations.
   Discover your purpose and passion early in life and pursue it. That is your natural area of gifting. You will succeed easily in it. You will become a blaster at it faster than anyone who is not naturally passionate and faster than if you are doing any other thing for which you don't have passion for. Most of all you will find fulfillment and joy because it is what your heart  desires and what you are wired and designed to do. You will be maximizing your potential. You will be fulfilling destiny
   If for any reason you are cornered into doing anything outside your purpose and gifting. You may succeed but you will most likely not. But most importantly you will never find fulfillment in life and you will never be a master in that field. The choice is still yours.
   The best way to pursue it now is choosing a course of study that is in line with your passion. Some of you want to be engineers, doctors, lawyers, accountants etc. This has been your passion since forever. You need to pray about it and be certain you are not just going there because of a frivolous reason. And if God still puts it in your heart then pursue it. Wait for it, study hard, prepare do do everything to align yourself with it now
 There are different reasons why a person may not go for their desired courses, some include
 No money to go to the University or to do the exact course desired. Read my post on " no money to go to school - what to do"  
2) PARENTAL INFLUENCE.  Your parents have chosen the course for you to do and it is final. You can read my post: " my parents chose course for me and I don't like it. What do I do.? 
You have waited for admission into your choice course for too long. Now you are tired of staying at home. Read my blog post on" waiting for my dream course "
When you are good at anything people will pay you heavily. There are already persons making real money and doing well in that field. I wrote a blog post " there is money in every field" read it
Theses are few reasons why people don't do their dream courses, but there are ways to get around any of them. Even if they are valid excuses. If you allow any legitimate reason to rub you of your life dream, you may not be happy with yourself afterwards, you will only have yourself to blame. It does not make it better either.
   Another person might say "but many successful people are not doing the things they studied in school" many of them did not discover their purpose before going to school and so most of them struggled through school. Thank God for the few that later discovered their passions after school and had the courage to leave for it. A greater  majority of them never make it to finally discover their real passion nor have the courage to go after it when they have finished studying another course. They get cut up in the rat race of finding a job and making ends meet. Would you rather discover your purpose and pursue it early from the beginning or play trial and error with your destiny? You may not have the courage to forget what you did in school this is the lot of majority of Nigerian graduates who did courses given to them by JAMB.
   This is the reason for so many square pegs in round holes. Mediocre everywhere. People doing any job they can find. Jobs they have no passion or expertise in. This leads to low productivity and lack of motivation to work. The society suffers and no one is happy for it. Discover your passion and pursue it you will find your purpose.


My parents chose my course and I do not like it. What to do.
I want to go to school but no money. What to do


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