There is a personal development craze in Africa now, where everybody is like " go and learn a skill" many University graduates with no Jobs are encouraged to learn even if it is one simple skill they can use to make money and support themselves financially because Jobs are not readily available these days.

Of course, for the ones who didn't go to school they are left with one option which is to learn a skill or trade in other to survive.

    Single unmarried women educated or not are advised to learn skills as much as they can while still unmarried, so that they can contribute to there husbands financially and be assets rather in their husbands houses. Even secondary schools these days have started teaching handicrafts such as sowing, baking, barbing, computer operating etc.

 Due to the need to equip every person all round  to face the challenges of life.
     While this is not to make a case for skill development. I do not also in anyway discourage this idea of learning skills.

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in fact I am of the opinion that everyone in life should have at least one skill from which he can make enough money to sustain himself financially different from his primary career.

Be it a hobby or side business. even if he doesn't get to make money from it, but it could be life saving in the eventuality of the loss of job or when one cannot find meaningful employment in his career, as we have in most African societies such as Nigeria.

Most times, people have used just these simple skills to build really time business and companies no longer needing employment rather employing others. Most multi-billion dollar companies started as side businesses and hobbies. Eg Facebook and Microsoft.

      However, while everyone clamor for handiwork as a source of security against unemployment, I believe that mind development is the greatest security against poverty and unemployment we can have.

Personal mind development is a valid skill ND I believe is the most valuable skill anyone can acquire for the future.

      Since the expiration of the iron age and advent of get then information ages, the brain has always ruled over the hand. Mind power has always been in control of everything else. Men  of skill and strength have been answerable to men of intellect.

      Developing your mind offers you a place in the committee of world leaders, it is the developed minds that are the great thinkers of our time and history, inventors, business, political and even military leaders.

 Even in the military men of intellect control all others, the provide the Troupe with strategy and direction. Those with their minds developed are the leaders in all spheres of human endeavor.

      It is a challenge when we do not understand the value of the mind, we do not look at is as a raw material full of potentials to be harnessed. We do not see developing the mind as important, meanwhile it is the most important thing we can do for ourselves. We give learning skills priority over personal intellectual growth

      We assume that the mind developed automatically as we mature in age. While there are things we learn by experience as we grow, but several things are only learnt by conscious effort, when we bring them to our attention and study to know them.

 You can never inherite a developed  mind, neither can you have it accidentally. Mental development is a conscious effort. We also assume that if a person goes to die University and back, the person has his mind fully developed and doesn't need any more studies.

     Studying, voracious consumption of relevant books in important works of life developed and give you a functional and valuable mind. By reading books and other materials in any field, you grow to become a master, an expert in that field of play.

When a person graduates from school, he has just been given license to go and develop himself into an authority in that discipline.

       You become an authority by knowing all there is to know possibly in any field such that you begin to generate personal ideas and concepts. you have opinions that are valuable to other in the form of books or talks.

People want to listen to your ideas and or you develop them into inventions and solve real problems of people.

      Even for a person that did not finish school, probably due to lack of funds, books and literature abound in any course or career he has chosen to still make himself a world-class leader even without haven gone to school.

I believe everybody has talents and hobbies that can be harnessed, and in that area of your talent you can study books and materials to become an authority.

Even in those areas of informal skill development, readers hijack and lead those industries. In whichever craft or business you are. Reading will take you to the next level of it and then to the top.

       It is even so appalling to meet people who are University graduates who are empty skulls, it is so irritating as we are beginning to have so many of them chawn out of our Universities.

That a person went to school doesn't guarantee a working mind. School provides the platform that one can choose to utilize or not. Reading and studying is the most important thing that should happen in school, but most students find a way to escape it all through school.

They make sure they study as minimally as possible, Sort lecturers and do malpractice through. When these ones come out they thank God because nobody forces them to read again and that is the end of mind education.

 And once a person stops reading, his mind starts deteriorating. Reason for so little great thinkers, inventors and creative minds. Mediocrity and unemployment everywhere.

      A return to reading of books, research for information. At no level is reading too early or too late. Wherever you are, in primary, secondary, tertiary institutions, graduates or you didn't even finish school, Start reading voraciously already.

 Seek information, make a list of things you should read about getting of information in this Internet age is the easiest thing, Online articles and books hardcopy books, libraries, magazines and newsletters. Choose your one area you want to be a guru at.

 You want to know everything you can at and become a consultant. People will pay to get your services or advice. One area but do not be restricted to that alone. Be versatile.

      As a youth, this is your age of Education and mind training, lay hold of every relevant knowledge you can learn about. Learn history of Nigeria, Computers, history of Nations, Economics, Wealth creation, Relationship, Politics, Spiritual, trending issues. Other Professions, be versatile yet be a master of one.

     Have a personal Library, buy books you need and keep referring to the. Some books will keep serving you for reference for life. Build your library to as many books as possible but gradually grow. borrow the ones you cannot buy.

Get friendly with Internet search engines for research in interesting topics and professions. Start slowly and progress. the more you read the more your quest to know more increases and the "sweeter" reading becomes

      Do not be an empty head, save us the embarrassment of one more beautiful face with empty skull, and dull brain that cannot contribute anything meaningful to an academic discussion. Be one that can at least hold your own end of a conversation.

When you are a heavy reader, you become Interesting to talk with. You have a wide range of topics to talk about. You will become more respectable and influential apart from being a leading voice in any field of business you are into whether you finished school or not. Your knowledge will be Invaluable. You will be indispensable.



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