Hello lets face it, quality education is costly, especially these days. The cost of even primary and secondary education compete with the that of tertiary institutions. Anyone determined to go to school now must count the cost and bear that in mind.
    Another even more painful truth is that there is that there is poverty everywhere. Money is just not easy to find hear in Nigeria and sub Sahara Africa, which is almost synonymous with hunger and poverty. To therefore think that lack of money is peculiar to just you or your family is delusional. Your case may be bad but there are millions you are probably better than. People who can't even afford one square meal a day. Poverty is lack of means (not just money) to meet life  needs. In cases of extreme poverty, even life's basic needs of food, shelter, cloth and health care are not met before even other important needs as education, transportation and recreation.
   Poverty is a world wide problem. I can guarantee that you have at one point been limited in your desires by lack of money. These lack of money is the primary reason people don't go to school. But good as it sounds, the society we live in does not excuse people who did not go to school. You will not be pardoned because you where poor and didn't go to school and be given a job you are not academically qualified for. In the end it's qualifications and competencies that matter in this world right now
    If you truly understand the place of education in your life pursuit (read my post why you must go to school) and you sincerely want to go to school, I believe you will whether every storm on your path to make it through. People have been in poorer financial conditions than you and still made it through school. At least 70% of Nigerians or more who went to school did it amidst harsh financial conditions. Our father's when you hear their stories you will know it was just dogged determination, they had to go through a lot of hardship. I believe our situation is even better than theirs now. And if no one has ever gone to school in your family, I think it's enough motivation for you to take up the challenge rather than sit down and complain how no one has ever gone to school.
     Am here to give you a few tips on what to do when there is no money to go to school if you truly desire to be a graduate. For the person that decided that lack of money will not be enough reason to stop your progress in school. Here they are
      When there is a will, there is a way says the adage. You must determine and make up your mind that come rain or sunshine you will go to school. If you do not want to go to school, no force on earth can make make you. But when you decide to, All the forces of God will begin to work in favor of your decision. Settle that decision. I must go to school, however you are not going to obscure you future in the process by putting your hands into evil.
    While we say go to school, we also understand that some youths  engage in all sort of crime and evil to make money. It is worthy of note that your future is bright. God never created any failure. People's choices and actions can alter severe them from God's beautiful plans for their lives. When you involve in evil for any excuse you think is legitimate God is not with you on it. You may get what you seek and when you do, It will never be worth the sacrifices you have made to get it. And what you will loose in the process will never be regained.
     People have done all sort of evil for money. Some girls go into prostitution, boys into cultists and armed robbery an others. When they eventually leave school if they ever do alive, they will regret their involvement in evil. Their lives are destroyed, destinies diverted, future dreams gone. No hope, it's a life of constant fear, anxiety and regret. No rest of mind
      Decide not to risk your life and destiny for anything evil. There are countless legitimate ways to make money and go to school that people have explored and succeeded it without denting their conscience. For you vow to preserve your Innocence and God will preserve you.
    Yes, God your creator he owns you and runs the universe. Your case is just too small to give him tough time. Get to know God get close to him. Life is beyond what you want, it's far above you going to school. You need God in every stage of your life.
      The earlier you get to know Jesus personally, the the faster you are prevented from wasting your life. It's the first and best decision of anyone's life. Your life will be turned around for that singular decision to follow Christ and turn your life over to him. He is a better manager of life than you can ever be. He has seen many through,  yours won't be an exception.
     Some of us still have parents or Guardians that provide us with little money no matter how small. Yes it may not be enough but have you considered making do with it? You can't imagine how much longer it will last and more things it can accomplish if you can manage that little you have better. Be much more intentional with your spending, get a budget and do not spend outside it. Never buy what you do not need and do not spend extravagantly. Spending on recharge cards, mobile data, transportation, fashion, and leisure should be curtailed. That little money with you may just be all you need to and can go a long way if you are frugal and not wasteful. For you to build wealth and come out of poverty, you cannot be a wasteful spender.
      Many persons are going to school on scholarships. Most of our parents did. Thousands are in our efforts form of scholarship or another don't be ignorant of this channel. Rich relatives, Philanthropists, churches, organizations, individuals, pastor's, politicians. Oil companies, local state and federal governments. Even schools give people scholarship to come and study.
   Make inquiries about scholarships available to you in your area that you qualify for. Some you have to go and ask for it from the organization or individuals. Most scholarships require that you are already  student of a university with your evidence of admission. So gain admission before applying as you cannot even apply if you are not In school already. Most involve writing exams or aptitude tests. This is why scholarships are for the academically serious and intelligent students.
    Many Nigerian graduates actually trained themselves in school. And several others are doing so even now. At this age in life when you are talking about tertiary institution, you are old enough to work with your brains or hands to provide you with money for school. There are several skills and businesses available, invest in a business, sell something. Think of one skill to learn and make ends meet. Several students are doing it. Students own business centers in school, saloons, computer, clothes shoes, name it. Some play musical instruments. Work in establishments. Read my articles ( businesses students can do in school
   I hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions you can contact me. Through our social media platforms Facebook, Twitter. naija youths arena. Or comments your questions. See you at the top.


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