The issue of parents choosing courses for their children is not a new thing. I have heard parents boast of how this their child will be a doctor and the other one an engineer, the other a lawyer and so on.  The problem now is when that child grows up and is inclined towards another discipline but the parents insist the child must do their recommended course.
     Parents have many reasons for doing this. Some of them as a matter of pride and prestige. “My son is a lawyer“. As a matter of pride and prestige. Others as a poverty alleviation program. “If my son does petroleum engineering he will work in an oil company and earn money" or even for ease of employment - “doctors always have job waiting for them, you don't have to wait long years for employment“.
     There are other reasons parents do this. Some of them do not know about other courses, they are either illiterates or not well exposed. When you say microbiology, they don't know the relevance of that your passion. In the society, they only know the professional courses of law, pharmacy, medicine, accountancy, engineering and  any other course you mention is a waste of time.
    Inspite of all the reasons we have given, why parents insist on a particular course for their child or would not want their child to do one particular course, one thing is almost certain, most certainly most parents mean well for you. It is out of their concern for your future and of course theirs with you that there insist. They consider their choice better than that whatever you have to say and they are trying to save your from making a mistake with your future. That being said, These are my advise on what to do if you find yourself in the position where your parents have decided a course and you are not comfortable with it.
   You have to first of all think through the whole situation again. Your parents may be right. They want the best for you. Their insistence may be because they have studied you over time and with their experience and exposure know what is better for you. They saw you growing up. Your inclinations as a child, kind of plays you loved. There is a valid theory what  that children involved in and where drawn to at early ages of 5-7 is usually a pointer to their life passion and a discipline they will do well in.
     Think about the course they recommended, research about it, imagine yourself doing it and you may be surprised that you will be in love with it in no time by getting to know about it or by seeing reasons with your parents.
    Sometimes, by just being a little humble and less stubborn, you could stumble into your dreams career by your parents recommended. God of course uses our parents to direct us especially in vital issues as our career.
    However if you really feel your parents are in error and you can't imagine yourself doing their recommended course then read on
      You probably think your parents cannot bend but with adequate negotiations any human beings especially a parent. Present your strong reasons, first try to understand their request and why they insist on it and let them know you understand it vividly and appreciate the fact that they are doing it for your own good. Let them know reasons why you prefer your choice course and the fact that doing a course you are not passionate about is a recipe for failure both in school and in life after school. Talk to them cool headed not with resentment or stubbornness.
    The next level of persuasion is to an authority figure your parents listen to. It could be there own parents - your grand parents, your pastor's or your parents close friends, your uncles an aunt. Even your own mentors can be helpful. If you can get someone they listen to on your side you are very close to getting what you want. But be very careful and very sure your own reasons for choosing your own course are cogent.
   This is a very valid option and what many people have done if you cannot convince your parents to allow you do your dream course and you cannot do without them either. There is wisdom in doing their preferred course anyways, it will afford you exposure and maturity. With time when you are through with your first degree and you have more leverage now financially, you can go for your dream course and train yourself through. By then you would be matured enough to know what is good for you and your parents will not be exerting that much influence over you
     Another thing that may happen is, while doing your parents recommended course, you may fall in love with it and will no longer see the need to leave it for any other thing
    In all make sure you preserve your relationship with your parents and that yous do not disobey them or annoy them. It will not be in your best interest to be in the bad book of your parents especially the ones who sincerely mean well for you. I understand some of you have parents or Guardians that you do not consider reasonable in their approach and demands but rebellion is still never the best option. Good luck in your endeavors.

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