There is definitely poverty in the world, especially in Africa. Unemployment is ravaging most African countries. It is a common thing to find graduates from the Universities who have been unemployed for years after leaving school. Graduates have to find Jobs however and wherever, whether the jobs are befitting of their status or in line with their training in school becomes irrelevant. They must make ends meet.
   Graduates have to descend to the same menial and manual jobs that illiterates and unskilled laborers scrambled for. Taxi and bus driving, conductors, brick layers, petty trading,  nursery school teachers and minders, security guards and errand boys of companies and individuals. They do these while waiting and hoping for better employment someday. The unfortunate thing is that most of them never get to find this better jobs. Some find only very long years of search and Labour in unloved fields.
     There is therefore a trend among young persons planning to enter school and choosing careers in the University. These students choose courses solely due to the ease of finding employment and making huge money Immediately after graduation.  They do not give much consideration to the serious matter of their passion or love for the course and their capacity to do the course. This I see as a very great error, one that has perpetuated the poverty and unemployment in our society from low productivity as a result of low working morale.
      While it is a very good practice to consider the lucrativeness of a field and employment opportunities one wants to choose as a career, it is perilous to completely ignore ones capacities and passions in making choice of career. Money should never be the sole reason to choose a career, it should not even be the main factor to consider
    Passion for a field I believe is the best reason for one to choose a course of study. Your Passion points your life purpose. It leads to what you where created and designed for by the creator. If a man has love for a thing unusually, it speaks of his uniqueness, his underlying aptitude and potential to excel in that area.
Passion is what makes geniuses of men. The greatest men in every field has been men of passion and love for what they do. 
      Passion is always directed towards a thing we are not all passionate for everything and our level of passion for one thing differ. This predicts very accurately our propensity to succeed in a given area or not. A man without passion for a place will not find himself giving in all the commitment required to be the best in that field. He will only do the little needed to keep afloat. For that man lazily doing a job, without zeal and enthusiasm as though he is being forced, there is another job he can do with such passion that is unknown to men. If only he will discover it.
      Mastery, perfection, expertise eludes the man not passionate for his job. And with expertise comes money. Wealth comes in response to value creation. Men that are excellent in their fields create the greatest values, they are sought for by the society. The populace is tired of mediocre lawyers, doctor, artists, technicians, salesmen, preachers, bankers etc. They need people of skill.  Experts and masters in their field. They can pay anything to have their work done with excellence. They do pay much to be served by the best in any field of endeavor.
    Their is no field that doesn't have room for more experts. The sky is large enough for more stars. There is also no expert that doesn't have her hands full with jobs to be done. Only mediocres and averages can be done away with. Masters are indispensable. They cannot be poor. Every field, including the place of your passion can make people of skill rich. If you become the best among the first 10% in that place field you will be among the richest and most sought for. That place you are taking for granted can make you rich and very fast as well. Faster than if you hassle in another man's area of strength.
  Their is no richest man in any field who does not love what he is doing. Passion supercedes Money. If you chase money in a place of no passion,  you will struggle and never find it. But if you pursue mastery in your area of passion, money will eventually locate you. You will not only have money, you will have have fulfillment that eludes many people laboring without passion.
    While you are still young and can choose. Do not add to the frustration, low productivity and mediocrity in the society. People working grudgingly yet not making ends meet.  Choose your place. Settle for it. Decide to be the best. Settle for excellence. Since It is your place of passion you will not be frustrated by the volume of work required to take you to the top. You will rather enjoy the ride. See you at the top.



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