poor has been described as an acronym for passing over opportunities repeatedly. It is not that only the poor are disadvantaged in one way or the other, but they choose to let their situations determine their realities. Their are numerous other people in the same situations or worse who have risen above that and succeeded, beating poverty and mediocrity.
       I am not being unsympathetic to the plight of the poor, but one thing is certain. Until they overcome this mindset like many other people have, they will never rise above poverty. No matter how reasonable an excuse might be, it remains an excuse.
The following are top 25 EXCUSES OF the poor that if subscribed to will guarantee you a place in the committee of the poor.
1. I did not go to school.

2. My parents are poor

3. Nobody is rich in my family

4. Nobody wants  to help me

5. I am am orphan

6. I am a black Nigerian

7. I did not go to a good school

8. There is no Job anywhere

9. I graduated with poor results

10. My village people are after me

11. Everybody hates me

12. No money to start a business

13. I am too old to…

14. I am too young to…

15. I am not talented

16. Rich people are dubious and wicked

17. I am still a student

18. I am not yet married

19. I just graduated from school

20. I married the wrong person

21. Money is the root of all evil

22. I Do not want to have much money

23. I do not love money

24. I have too many problems

25. I am too busy.

    I desire that you rise above your challenges whatever they may be and achieve greatness. Do not resign to a life of poverty and mediocrity. Do something despite your present unpleasant situation to propel you to your desired future.
      At the end of life, you may not be happy with yourself haven not reached your goals and risen above poverty no matter the obstacles you had to face. And if for any reason you succeeded, you will always rejoice at the sacrifices you had to make. Think about your future generations starting from your immediate family and Children. Do you want them to still suffer the same things you did and face the same limitations you faced due to lack of money? They definitely will not excuse your being poor because your parents where poor. Fight a generational battle, Overcome poverty today. See you at the top.


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  1. great piece,the fight against poverty is real and definitive


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