Passing Examinations is an art. If you do not have the skills you will keep having poor results even when you are hard working as a student. There are powerful information that if at your disposal you will hardly fail at exams if properly implemented and I do not mean malpractice. Exams become more effortless with the right kind of knowledge.
      Below are a set of 25 ideas that have been proven time and again to guarantee in exam success starting for the preparation to the exams proper. If applied your exams will become more passable than ever.


1.   Get the course curriculum and a list of recommended text books and materials

2.   Gather all the materials, text books or notes from senior colleagues that you will need for this exams. Buy the ones you can.

3.   Talk to a senior colleague or someone who has written and passed the exam (better still someone that just passed the exam the last time it was written) the more people you can talk to the better

4.   Attend all  your classes as much as possible to get familiar with the course and lecture topics for  more productive personal studies

5.   Get to know the lecturers that will be setting your exams, their peculiar preferences and patterns from previous years.

6.   Gather past questions of this course from previous years you can lay your hands on in situations where it is not illegal.

7.   Study your relevant texts notes and materials very thoroughly during the period of the lectures. With a personalized time table ensuring you study every day with a minimum study hours of 2 hours.

8.   Avoid distractions and extra curricula activities that Rob you of time and motivation to read your book including associations, and relationships.

9.   Disabuse your mind from every negative story or record suggesting that the exam is not passable. Peoples passed it year after year

10.   Disengage from every plan to cheat or do any form of malpractice during the exams. Make up your mind to study and pass the exams on your own

11.   Get involved with study groups and discussion classes with like-minded friends to teach each other and challenge you to excellence

12.   Get a mentor in that course who will answer your questions and clear your doubts. Be it your lecturer or a colleague who is ahead of you who has passed this your level and exams


13.   Do a thorough revision of all you have learnt and studied during the lecture period. Your lecture and reading notes and relevant materials

14.   Answer numerous past questions using them for revisions. Set likely questions for yourself and answer Them. Get a notebook where you will answer likely questions and use it for easy revision.

15.   Make sure you take adequate rest on the night to your exams and do not go in there with accumulated sleep.

16.   Eat something light in the morning before going in for any exam and do remember to carry light refreshment like soft drinks if the examination is going to take place later in the day or if it is a lot going lasting exam. This is to prevent hunger generated confusion and brain disorientation.

17.   Arrange to have all your examination materials and instruments in case of practicals ready before the exam day. Get more than one pen and stationeries as the exams require

18.   Make sure to appear in your exam venue very early and be seated and relaxed even before your examiners arrive


19.   Immediately read your examination paper instructions and follow them accordingly writing your name or identification numbers and details very meticulously

20.   Endeavor never to disobey exam rules such as talking to a neighbor copying or exam malpractice of any sort as this could put you into trouble and you are punished

21.   Keep track of your time and make sure you do not spend much time on one question in order to attempt every question you are asked to

22.   Answer questions as they where asked, do not reset questions for yourself. Explain when asked to. Write extensively if that’s the question. List of asked. Do not summaries when asked to write extensively. If there is penalty for wrong questions like in multiple choice questions, Do not answer ones you do not know as this could subtract marks from the ones you already got and reduce your final scores drastically

23.   Cross check your answers to make sure you did not make a mistake in numbering or in answering questions you are not meant to.

24.   Cross check your answer scripts and question papers to make sure your name, and details are properly written or shaded in appropriate way they should. This is to avoid serious identification mistakes very common in examinations

25.   Pray and commit everything to God’s hands. Actually prayer should follow every of the 24 steps starting from your first step in preparation to the exam hall and even after. For the continued guidance of God throughout all the stages and for his favour, that you do not make silly mistakes or be caught in any problem whatsoever and that He should smoothen the rough edges of your work that as a human you can no longer do.

       Theses steps are proven to make you a high flyer in school or in any exam whatsoever. They can be applied in all situations with little modifications depending on the particular type of exam. If followed they will help you prevent 95% of the causes of failure in examinations, your passing will be guaranteed. Very few reasons cover make you fail. You will not pass once but consistently because success in any endeavor is predictable and principle based.

Watch out for specific tips for writing different types of exams like essay, multiple choice, practicals, clinicals and others in subsequent posts. See you at the top

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