Virtually everybody who has involved in crime has someone or something to blame for their actions. Some of the excuses would be so good that people will even sympathize with them to the extent of justifying their actions. But is any form of crime really justified?
    A girl would paint the picture of extreme poverty and how she became an orphan at an early age and having younger siblings to fend for. No body she met was willing to help her, so the next best thing is to go into prostitution. A boy will say of how he has graduated from school long ago and the government has not provided him Job. And since an idle mind is the Devils workshop, He went into armed robbery. Public commentators will blast the government for the level of unemployment in the society as it is leading our youths into crime and terrorism.
      Yes the situation is pathetic, and of a truth, the government should provide gainful employment for our teaming youth population and of course everybody. The world should be a better place where poverty will be eradicated to the barest minimum so that people are not tempted into crime. But truth be told; the world isn't that better place yet. There is unemployment and yet will be. Poverty is everywhere and we will continue to have poor people among us even in rich and working nations. The world is not fair, it's not a bed of roses either. Going into crime is a matter of choice and not a consequence of someone else's actions.
    My  greatest submission against those who justify crime for any reason is this: someone somewhere living or dead have passed through your experience and survived without resorting to crime. As a matter of fact, someone has been delayed with worse things than you and overcame without soiling his or her hands with illegal activities. You do not need to look too far to sight one or more persons your situation was better than theirs, who maintained their integrity passing through those challenges and came out successful. The society is replete with such men. Our history books are full of their stories.
        In fact most successful men you can point at had very tough beginnings. The world is unfair to everyone, even when it seams some people has it better, they still had to pass through unimaginable challenges to make it in life. People who achieved success have had to struggle the rough path of life to get to the top.
    Actually every person born on earth who became success has had the option of crime open to them in their lowest moments, but they didn't take it because they choose to. It was a choice they made not to use their situation as an excuse for crime, Even the ones whose conditions were worse than yours.
   A return to a life of taking responsibility for our lives and the outcome of our actions will help get rid of criminal thinking. If we can take charge of our lives knowing that nobody is responsible for us except God who created us, that even our parents will only help is as God chooses to use them (because their ate parents who do not even when they have the means for one reason or the other). This mindset will save us from suicidal and criminal thinking when people disappointed us who we are dependent on. Men will be men. People can disappoint even when they did not Intend to. Only God is God. Even the government cannot be depended on with our lives and destiny outcomes. That would be a disaster.
    Successful people take responsibility for their lives and results. They do not depend on others for their success neither do they blame others. Not their parents for not sending them to school, not the government, not even God. They understand live is uneven and fight to take their own place legitimately. Working with their God given hands and brain. The earth is designed to yield to anyone who exerts on it. It produces it's increase when we work on it.

       Every successful Nation was built by individuals using their creativity, business and entrepreneurial skills. Not robbing Peter to pay Paul. And certainly not by depending on their government. The government has its role to play to ensure stable economical and political arena. Provide jobs for the few it can, with infrastructure. But even this things are in joint partnership with able citizens who are valuable in this sectors. Their are individuals and companies owned by them that the government consults, and persuades before implementing policies in a nation. Individuals lend to nations, these are not men who started out blaming the government for their misfortune.
     Criminal mentality is as a result of irresponsible thinking. If you will be truthful to yourself you know that within you, you have not exhausted all the legitimate ways of solving your problems before going into crime. You only see crime as the easy way out of it. That is irresponsibility and inability to face your challenges squarely as a mature grown up. You need to grow up, look for the next right way to solve your problem and get yourself out of the mess of crime.
   Struggle is part of how we grow and mature. No success comes without struggles and occasional failures. That you failed does not mean you have tried all the ways out. With struggle you will breakthrough just like the catapillar does before it becomes a butter fly and without which it cannot evolve into a lovely colourful butterfly. Face your situation squarely. The seed God planted in you upon creation is able to overcome all life vicissitudes. Do not give up, do not give in to crime.
    Do not be used to destroy the beautiful world we all are trying to build, you can contribute you quota to make the world a better place. When you succeed in life, a lot of persons will benefit from it. If not anyone then at least you immediate family. But crime makes you an enemy of the world, an enemy of even your loved ones. Because when you get caught up with the consequences of crime, you bring shame and sorrow  to your
Loved ones and everyone that has know and identified with you.
     The law as it is does not excuse any reason for crime. Once you break it, even ignorance is not excused. It doesn't give room for emotions or logic when you get caught in crime you are done for. To show that nobody or no reason permits crime. If anyone should be excused then everyone should. Even the upright becomes tempted to go into crime since it is the easy way out of challenges.
    The consequences of prostitution, terrorism, vandalism, armed robbery, militancy, kidnapping, drug abuse, drunkenness etc are innumerable. Ultimately death, their lives are cut short in their prime. If they escape, imprisonment and loss of valuable years, sorrows and shame to loved ones, permanent loss of peace and rest of mind, a disgrace to oneself and to God his creator. Loss of destiny and a bleak futures. Friends,  crime is not worth it. No excuse or benefit is worth risking ones life and destiny for. Seek Help from God and his people. Who are ever willing to accept you despite your wrong doings. God still loves you. He can turn your life arrogant give you a second chance.

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