Once you are a youth, Either in the University, any tertiary institution or still completing your O-Levels or even waiting for admission; You must have heard this cliche a lot. "face your books". From Parents, teachers, seniors even friends. You are probably tired of hearing it. As if reading is the only thing you should do with your life as a student. There is even a new one.  "leave Facebook and face your books" Used to harass students. It is unfortunately the statement has so much been used and  misused that it has almost lost any message it was meant to pass across by whoever first said it.
   I want to submit to you, that irrespective of who is saying it and for whatever reason. That saying is not a mire cliche for harassment. You are a youth, young with a future to prepare for. There is a job you must do and do now in preparation for your tomorrow, Whether in the tertiary institutions or O-levels. Most of us are actually paid  to do it some very handsomely. People suffer and  hardship and shame to make sure we are paid and comfortable enough to work. What else is that work of a student if not READING?.
     This is your time to read. Your school fees is being provided against all odds, upkeep allowances given to you as regularly as your parents or Guardians can afford. In a typical Nigerian or African home, It is against the backdrop of poverty and Lack that you are going to school. Money is probably being borrowed to supplement what they have, a sibling probably will not enter school yet because your parents cannot sponsor more persons at once. Your most important and most productive activity in school, the best Justification for the money being spent on you is that you read your books.
    Every body says "Read your books"  goes to say that reading is the most productive thing you can do with your life right now. If you read now you will not waste your days in school because a day will come you will either be proud or be disappointed at your activities in your youth. Not everyone who went to school achieved their aims of going. And majority is as a result of not haven read enough. Anything taking your time and energy at this age such that you are not reading is destroying your life and future. Be it friendships, Relationship, a group or gang, social networking, television, seasonal movies or whatever. It would have been better you never went to school than to have wasted years and money with no education to show for it. Education is a function of the mind which is educated by studying.
   It is by Reading, personal studies and researches that your brain gets educated and enlightened. Going to classes and  being taught is wonderful. But as your teachers will always say. "coming for class will never substitute personal studies and research". reading is work. Make no mistakes about it. It is serious work and it requires a lot of time and definitely concentration. Serious studying that makes you the best requires so much time and concentration that you cannot combine it with so many of those activities earlier mentioned and still make a head way.

    It is appalling the number of graduating illiterates chawning out of our tertiary institutions in Nigerian year after year. No wonder the unemployment level in the society. Because this graduates are simply unemployable. Who will employ brainless illiterates just because they presented a certificate stating that He is a graduate of the University? With the help of the twin evils of examination malpractice and sorting, people are becoming graduates with no corresponding intellectual wit to show for it. Fortunately the Labour market have no regards for such people. The best people in practice get the jobs and the deals. Even when the unqualified gets the job. They eventually are found out and taken to where they belong. When you cheat your way Into a position, you will be found out sooner or later. You can only deceive everybody for so long.
     The solution to all these madness is simple. READ YOUR BOOKS. Read now that you can. Do well in your academics. That is what is required of you. The rewards for academic success is unending. The best in any field is always sort after. People do not become best graduating students by malpractice or by mistake or luck. The best always work hard starting early. It all boils down to sitting down to read. When as a student you cannot sit down and read for 1 hour your case is really critical.
     There is time for everything, As a young person in school. Your Brain is alert and ready to learn. You can read and understand faster than old people. You can even increase your capacity to read more and assimilate more. that is still by reading more. The more you read the more your brain opens up the more you can read and understand. That is the reason people who didn't read In young age find it difficult to read in old age. Because their brains where not developed to the extent of getting used to reading large volumes at younger age. At this age is when you can build your capacity to read. If you don't read now, when you will understand the import of reading in old age you may not have built enough capacity for it then.

     Reading can become enjoyable but that is when you have conditioned yourself to love reading by haven read alot. Your fear and hatred for reading is unfounded. It comes as a result the fact that you have not been reading. Once you start reading that fear will disappear and you will come to love reading. A time comes when you break into that threshold of book lovers, The sky becomes your limit. Alot of us students need to really consider studying as our work, our Job. What we do for a living. Are paid to do. If so we will take it alot more seriously.
     Many people have traveled this road and known that if they had taken their opportunities, they could have had better lives today. This time they cannot understand as fast as when they were youths. Many still enter school but it is with much struggle they go through. The book you didn't read today may hunt you tomorrow. The knowledge you failed to acquire in your field today while in school, may deny you of some Heights later In life
    Start your reading journey now. It's never too late. Pay serious attention to your books reading will take you where you are going faster. It will give you mastery, wealth and fame. In this our 21st century of information proliferation, the future is bleak for whoever does not read. See you at the top.
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