Passing Examinations repeatedly is a skill. It goes beyond whether you are naturally intelligent or even hardworking. Even though it has been argued that exam is not the true test of knowledge, but it still is one thing students must deal with. Exams have come to stay, if you must graduate from school, you must pass all required exams. Passing exams as it is is very crucial to your future and you cannot afford to joke with it. Even after graduating from the Universities, for you to further in knowledge and in your profession, you will yet write several other exams
     Exams are in different kind, written exams, orals, practicals, etc. All require different set of skills, but few things are really necessary that you put in place in preparation for any kind of exam. Knowing how to pass exams and avoiding top exam failure causes will definitely benefits your quest for academic qualifications.
   Below are top 5 reasons students fail exams and how you can avoid them in other to have better outcomes in your subsequent examinations.
It goes without saying that studying is the most important thing to do in other to pass any examination which is a test of knowledge. There are other reasons people fail exams which we will also mention here, but lack of proper studio is still the single most important cause of failure in exams. You simply are not prepared for the exams if you have not read enough. When you study adequately, your confidence grows. alot of other things that cause failures is handled. Much of the failures we have today can be avoided if students just faced their books and does the needful. Stop looking for examination short cuts, studying is the shortest cut.
     Get your course curriculum, get the required text books and materials, attend classes to lunch you forth. The read extensively, prepare a personal time table that is compatible with your daily schedule. And by all means, student, READ! It is your no 1 duty in school. Get persons or even lecturers to explain difficult things to you. Reading is work, yet if taken seriously can become enjoyable. Work hard, READ, and you will pass the exams as long as you also avoid this other mistakes.
'Mis-preparation'  this is a follow up on the first reason for failure. It may sound like the same thing but no it is not. A student can read but yet fail exams for this same reasons. You can read amis. Every exam is peculiar and they should not be prepared for the same way. There are requirements and expectations for every exam. When a student does not know things like; the mode of the exams, (is it written exam, essay or multiple choice), how many questions and for how long will this exam last? What are the recommended text books?. That student is setting up himself for failure.
     Many students even go ahead to finish unrecommended materials not haven touched the most important ones from which the question will come from,  either because of ignorance or arrogance. Even knowing who sets the questions is necessary because, lecturers have established patterns and likely questions and preferences. Meeting people who have passed these exams before, preferably the ones that just passed it to gather relevant information will help. Getting past questions in that course is the helpful. Even  when it is proven they do not repeat the bit will still go a long way in helping you prepare for the exams.
Preparation also include getting your exam materials ready. the instruments required in practical exams, your complete writing materials and your means of identification. You will be amazed the number of failures recorded as a result of not having the required materials especially in practicals.
   Do not jump out and start reading, gather enough knowledge about this exam and prepare accordingly. This is the main reason why some people read hard and yet fail while others are seen not to suffer much yet come out tops. This can be seen as short cut to any exams. Know what is required, the exam will be passable and your preparation will be more targeted and less stressful.

   Whether you have prepared adequately for an exam or not. Fear and anxiety will guarantee you fail any exam confidently. This is a top cause of failures. Fear of exam comes for different reasons, some as a result of not haven studied enough, others due to stories of how hard the exam is or how much people fail it from previous records. If your fear is due to lack of preparation, more preparation will help, even in a situation where you cannot do anything else about it due to time constraints, do know still fear. Fear will make sure that even the little you know, you won't be able to produce it in the exam hall. Either way, fear is not your friend.
   If your fear is due to how serious that particular exam is from previous records, you should still brace up yourself. Is should rather challenge you and not be a source of fear. Some causes are not as difficult as it is always painted by people. Some are only made difficult by the hyping students give to it. That is why you have to also be careful who you listen to. If you walk with people who believe and say that that course is impassable, you will find yourself believing and behaving accordingly. Even when you have not sat  for the class the first time and psychologically you are preparing yourself for failure.
    Remember that  despite the difficulty of the course, people still pass it year after year. People still do well in d the midst of the mass failure. You can decide to be one of them. Those are the people you should listen to to tell you how they made it. Fly with the Eagles not chickens that have resigned to their fate never to fly
   Fear and lack of confidence helps people fail exams  before they have written it. You can almost always predict who will not pass an exam by their mindset and anxiousness before and  during the exams. Lack of confidence drains you. It ensures you underperform. No man has ever perform excellently in any thing in moments of low confidence. Even the not so intelligent and prepared can manage to pull through with alot of confidence. In some form of exams like in Orals, confidence is major, Even above skill. If you don't have confidence going for you, your chances of passing oral exams or any exams whatsoever is very slim. Work on yourself kill fear.
     Exam malpractice has dealt with alot of students. It is the 3rd leading cause of exam failures. First is the fact that students who depend on malpractice do not study their books. They hope on it from the beginning of the course and if there plans fail through they are finished. Most times their will be stricter examiner, a change I  the lecturer or one final minute alteration that will render their plans futile, and since they did not prepare to write on their own, they are doomed to fail.
   For some persons it is that the very answer from the malpractice is wrong, they copy the following wrong thing and fail because they do not eve know what the right one is. For others however they are caught in the act and punished with failure or measures that will ensure they do not write for a considerable amount of time leading to their not being able to write well anymore enough to pass.
     It is amazing the heights students goto to organize "expo". If they spent that equal amount of energy on their books they would come out with flying colors. Studies show that people who depend on malpractice are more likely to fail than people who prepare to pass the exams on their own.
     The choice is yours. But just know that nature and the society has a way of punishing dubious persons. If not while in school then later in the Labour market when you will be asked to perform. It is also noteworthy that malpractice does not make people first class or  best graduating students. It is more harmful that it helps.
    This is the 5th leading cause of failure. Final minute exam hall mistakes. They are so many and must be avoided. Mistakes such as not writing down your name or not writing it properly is the number one. There is the one of shading a different paper type in  exams that come in types thereby invalidating the whole answers. Answering different questions too, Questions not meant for you or not answering questions the way they where asked is also a major issue. When students list instead of explaining or write short notes instead of writing extensively as the instructions commanded.
   In summary, lack of adherence to instructions due mostly to not being familiar with the instructions or not reading it at all. Please, make it a habit to read exam instructions as the first thing to do in every exam, and if there is any thing you do not understand, do well to ask the examiners as soon as possible. Never assume what you where asked to do in an exam hall. Ask. Make sure you follow every instruction to the later. It does not make sense to prepare so hard and we'll for an exam and then fail it courtesy of one final minute preventable foolish mistake.
    This is not among the first 5 but it bears mentioning here. It is a major cause of failure especially among the intelligent and we'll prepared. While lack of confidence is bad, excess of it is equally harmful. Over confidence will make a student underestimate a course or the time required to study effectively for it. Someone who believes she is intelligent can forget to read, thinking his intelligence is enough, one who has passed numerous exams before can just assume that this is just another exam. Any confidence that makes you to forgo reading is too much for your good. Do not let confidence get into your head. Pride they say goes before a fall. Make sure you prepare for your exams and be sure that if you make mistakes or if you fail to prepare you will fail the exams. Success in all your exams to come. See you at the top.
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