In this season of unsuitable economic conditions, there is a need to track ones expenses, to know where money is going to and what it is being spent so that we can curtail unnecessary spending and wastage. We can use our money more meaningfully and it can last longer. The unreasonable unemployment level in our society calls for youths who are starting up I  life to do something proactive about their financial lives
   Saving money and accumulating it to be used in some business venture or investment is a necessity for Nigerian youths. But one cannot save money if She does not have the skills of tracking expenses
    For many Nigerian Youths and students, it is not that they do not have money passing through their hands. It it that they cannot account for all that money. Not armed with knowledge and discipline, even those who have rich parents or Guardians or who are under scholarships of one sort with reasonable income monthly usually end up with no savings at all. (why you should save money as a student) whichever category you find yourself, money should be managed and spent wisely no matter how little, And saving made out of every cash that enters your hands. This serves as a seed for your future financial freedom. No excuse is cogent here.
   There are 5 major things Youths of Nigeria currently spend mostly on even unconsciously. They are the Top Money wasters for students and youths. If tracked and little adjustments made on them, it we can block money leakages and save money for more important things. Here they are;
      Clothing is a necessity. The various purposes for dressing include for covering of nakedness, for identification, and for beauty. All are legitimate needs. But luxury is not a need. The amount of money youths spend on various fashion AND beauty materials is alarming. It is to some people an addition. Clothes, shoes, hand bags, jewelries like watches and hair. Fashion is by fair the highest receiver of Money spent by Nigerian youths. Even the "not so well to do"  go to unthinkable lengths to buy clothes and make big hairs especially among the ladies.
   A generation that chooses to spend on fashion rather than productivity is fearful. Let's as youths curtail our insatiable taste to look good and feel among. This is leading us to crime and evil. You can look good at lower cost and invest in our future first until you can afford the luxury. The worst part is when you don't have a stable source of income and still must put on the latest fashion products.
    Phones of different types, iPads, iPhones, Laptops and others. These are a major source of spending for Nigerian youths currently and still growing. This is an information and technology age, the use for these things can easily be seen in the world right now. But the challenge becomes when we seek to have them not for the use we have of them but to feel among.
    What costly unaffordable phone does another affordable one can. But youths this days in other to feel among even go into crime and prostitution in other to acquire the latest of gadgets at the expense of their future. Day by day more gadgets and latest versions of current ones are emerging, the speed at which these things become outdated is about 6months. After 6months that phone you bought for so much with much pain is no longer the latest. If one doesn't hold himself he becomes a slave to technology living to buy the latest of gadgets.
    This is a follow up on the last one. Having the phone is one thing, now maintenance and constant use of it requires buying of recharge cards for calls and mobile data for browsing. Recharge card for calls used to be the main money waster until Android phone came that has made browsing easier and much more enjoyable with all the social networking site as Facebook, Twitter and whatsapp etc.
      Smart phones are of course useless if we are not online and data is what keeps us online. There is now for almost every youth, a constant need to have data subscription and the network providers are keying into that. Competitions about who gets the most of the data subscription population, bringing different data bundles.
    So many young people cannot stay without data. They can do alot to be able to have subscription. Even before it finishes they make sure they have the money ready to replenish as they cannot imagine going offline.
   If you will calculate and track the money spent on being online you will agree that you phone is your greatest liability. "something which removes money constantly from your pocket". Since there is undeniable need for the phone  and most person actually use it for very many necessary things. It's important we mind our spending on data and best research on the best data plan and network matching our budget and schedule to prevent excessive spending.

   Millions are speaking by Nigerian youths and students eve  those who cannot afford it on Romance and relationships. Boys can go to any length to impress a lady, buy her things he cannot afford, spend frivolously on dates and gifts just to get a girl they like. Relationship in itself is stressful both emotionally, financially and otherwise. This is  reason young people are advised not to enter serious intimate relationships when in school or with no financial footing. The ones who have income and are into Incessant and numerous relationships end up financially drained with no savings of tangible evidence of the money passing through their hands. Romance is luxury not many can afford. Handle your financial future them get into a proper relationship.
    Feeding is a need, however due to irresponsibility, too much can be spent on feeding. When youths especially students are given to eating and drinking, cannot cook and rely on restaurants and eateries, valuable money is wasted on feeding. Spending much on food doesn't guarantee that the food is healthy. Much of the processed food is unhealthy steaming from the condition of preparation cooking and the chemicals of preparation and preservation.
    Drinking for most youths is a problem. Some for show off drink several bottles upon bottles of bear and alcohol like drinks. to impress friends, they buy more and more, declaring for everyone in the place. And this is a regular occurrence. Partying and riotous living has rendered many people bankrupt and is still doing so. Many people who have money cannot explain how it disappeared being heavy drinkers and part people.
    Youths especially males spend on sports, football. They pay for gate fees regularly in viewing centres to watch their favorite teams play week after week. This would not have been a problem if betting did not also complicate the issue. Over 50% of football fans better money, either online or physically among themselves.
     Just like any gambling, some people win and win big. Some with small money other after haven lost huge amounts. Gambling was never meant for the good of the gambler, the owners make good money playing on the greed the youths. Boys loose money on daily basis to unthinkable amounts and still go to bet the next day. They even go to the extent of betting their valuables and properties and end up loosing from. Gambling is a spirit and it takes more than just resolution to stop a compulsive gambler from the act. Nigerian youths are beginning to get addicted to it. People don't become wealthy by gambling except the owners. Even people who win big money never really use it for anything lasting,  they always usually loose it after a few months thanks to the  greed that gained them the money in the first place. Gambling is not how responsible people make money. It is wired that more people will loose than gain.
  If you can avoid these proven and time tested money wasters you can go on to make proper use of your money saving for investment and having your money last longer. See you at the top
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