Everybody wants to succeed, only those who know what they want actually get it. It is not enough to want to succeed, what do you want to succeed at? One of the greatest causes of failure in life is lack of clarity. When people cannot exactly point at what they want out of life,  who they want to be, what they want to be good at or where they want to succeed.
     Every successful man is successful at something not all things. No body is good at everything. You are either successful in business, sports, ministry, etc. Even in either of them like in business, you choose a specific line of business, a particular product to sell or service to render not all. In sports you can be good in football or basketball or athletics as the case may be but never in all. It is difficult to see a professional footballer who also is a professional swimmer. Even if he likes swimming and can swim. He only has time and energy for one line of sport. If he pursues the two he gets non. The demands of being a great and successful footballer with their incessant training and lifestyle does not permit him to also involve in swimming professionally.
         Failing to choose a path in life early enough robs many youths the honor they could have enjoyed as a master in one field. Mastery in any field of human endeavor require not just time but total attention. Such degree of concentration is best possible at an early age. Eg professional sports. Anyone who wants to be good at everything will end up loosing out on them all. He is simply jack of all trades and will be master of non. He simply cannot cope. The human brain is wired to handle one thing effectively at a time. Not finding that one time you are meant to give all your time and effort into can lead to serious struggles throughout life.

     Specialization is what is is called. The world is moving to the Era of specific knowledge. Where people do not just go to a general practitioner doctor to treat their sick children but straight to a consultant pediatrician. They will not want just any mechanic to work on their Toyota cars. It is a Toyota specialist. Mediocrity is fading away and mediocre are left with no Jobs and money. You cannot just be a "general something something" and hope to survive the competition in the market place right now.
   Even God didn't design you to do everything, He gave you specific talents that others do not have while there are other people's talents you are poor at. You cannot solve every problem in the society. While you should do something about things that irritate you. It is not everything you hate that you are created to correct. Some are other people's assignment and gifting just as you have yours.
       The truth is that virtually every thing in our country right now needs intervention of good minded people. But not everyone that needs your own attention. but that one that needs your attention and intervention. Do well to identify and give yourself to it. Your glory I lies there. Find your area. GOD created you for a particular purpose and I believe you will succeed faster and bigger in that your destiny. It is one major thing, not everything. Some other things may lead you to it but you have a field you are designed to play big in.
     It is time to find your place. Choose one thing you want to succeed at under God. Decide to be the best you can be at it. The best computer programmer, best writer, best singer, plumber, electrician, etc. Make your choice wisely and early so you begin to pursue excellence early enough. As it will take time and effort to make you the best in any field. Even in that field, you will discover their are other subspecialties. Choose one and develop yourself to be good at. Abraham Lincoln said " whatever you are, be a good one. Don't be a general or ordinary at anything. Be a specialist in something. That is where the value and the money is. You will have enough work and financial reward for it.
    Take medical professionals for example, the knowledge required to be a specialist in more than 2 areas especially when they are unrelated is just not possible to gather in one lifetime. You can claim to be but you won't be so good as to be the best in those two fields. You can generalize in many areas but you can never match a specialist in his field. It takes time and discipline to master any one thing. Studies reveal that it takes several years or thousands of hours of study in a particular field to master it. Their conclusion is that it takes 10,000 hours of research, practice and hardwork to achieve and perform at exceptional levels in any field or profession.
     According to Gladwin, "Mastery in any field requires 10,000 hours or 7years of hard work and continuous learning," and this you cannot do shuttling two different entirely unrelated Jobs.
     Many students graduate not having any skill or practicable application for their certificates. Hoping to find Jobs anywhere and work as anything. These people wait several years without Jobs simply because they are unemployable. And if they get Jobs it is where they will work as slaves and earn peanuts,  not having any skills to trade with.
     Even a person who didn't go to school but chose a skill to master is more valuable and definitely will be financially better off than than many graduates with unconvertible certificates. Many people making real money in the society never studied these things in school. But they chose that area, gave it all they had and became successfully. Be known for something. The reason why you are still poor and unemployed could be because there is nothing you are exceptionally good at. You know a little about many things but not enough for people to trust you to do a good job with their money. Find your own place. See you at the top.


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