Everybody do not go to school, for obvious reasons. Either lack of the financial means which is the biggest reason or shear lack of zeal for academics, many people end up not going to school. I advise people to go to school despite all challenges, I even wrote post on how to go to school when there is no money. However this post is for youths who have valid reasons not to be in school. Money being the greatest challenge. 
     I have an advise for you. What to do with your life to ensure you still meet up with personal and society's expectations and become the person you are created to be in life without wasting your  life. That you will still meet up and fulfill destiny, because the truth is that the society of today is not merciful on school drop outs or people who didn't go at all.
    First, I want you to understand that you are not doomed if you didn't go to school now. You still have good chances of making it and even going to school later in life if you so desire. Not everyone that is rich and famous finished school up to the tertiary level. Several Nigerians not to talk at the world level have made it to the top of industries and fields without haven gone to school, at least at the beginning.
       We have people like Alike Dangote the richest black man in the world, many famous musicians, politicians and business leaders. However do not be deceived, they never wasted their youth either. They invested their lives into something meaningful that paid off at the long run landing them in the wealth and fame they now enjoy.
it is very important that you do not become idle in your youthful age. This is the period of your strength. There are many skills you can learn with little or no capital at all within a few months or years to start life with.
      First, Being idle can lead you into crime and other things that would encumber your future. Also you will by having a handwork earn money to support yourself financially and thirdly; that trade can be your starting point to greater things to come.
     It is your days of small beginning and you must not despise it. Many rich and influential people and companies started very small. If you choose a handwork you are interested in and take it very seriously, you can become even a millionaire in the process. It could see you through school later in life and give you a platform for everything else that you will eventually become in life.

    There are several skills that you can choose from, that suits your person and interest. Baking, tailoring, auxiliary nursing, driving, plumbing, auto mechanic, welding, hair dressing, barbing, event management and the two all time highest implodes of labor. Farming and sales. Sales of anything legitimate. Cloths, water, shoes, provisions, books, spare parts, appliances,  food etc.
   Sit down and decide what you want to do with your self, which skill best appeals to you. And choose where you will go and learn it. I advise you learn from the best person you can find in that field. Depending on the size of your purse though.
    If you still desire to go to school much later, I suggest you choose a skill related to your choice of course in school. If you want to do electrical engineering for example, you can go learn under a practicing electrician. Someone who wants to later do nursing in school can go learn auxiliary nursing under a doctor in a hospital. By choosing a trade related to your choice course, it motivates you daily to do well. You will have enough reason by exposure to want to still go to school to study the course so you can do better.
    You need to take your training very seriously like a student would take her studies. Seeing that  this is your life and destiny path. You must learn everything required in that field. You should seek to be the best and be better than even your teachers. Never should you take this skill acquisition casually simply because you should have been in school.
   Understand that this is your path to whatever else you will be tomorrow. If you take this seriously and succeed at it, you will still go to school if you choose and you will have the means to do whatever you choose to do and money will no longer hinder you. If you are extremely good in your trade, people will line up to be attended by you. This means you are valuable to people who will now pay huge amounts for your services. The more valuable you are the more people are willing to pay for your services. The best mechanics always have more work than they can handle. And that goes for every industry.
    After your training, you will need to start your own business. Start as little as you can afford and think big. Desire to expand and be the best and biggest in even in the world. From your job you save money quickly for school if you so desire Or you can concentrate in making it big in business and worry about school much later in life. There is such thing as part time studies in most Universities.

  That you didn't go to school doesn't mean you should leave you mind uncultivated. You must develop yourself mentally. This is called personal development. This happens as you learn from studying and attending seminars and workshops. Knowing how to read and write is the foundation of personal development. Without it no real learning can take place. But that isn't enough. You must read books. Buy relevant materials, borrow from friends and libraries, but your brain must be kept fresh by constantly reading powerful books particularly in your field of trade.
    Reading develops your mind, it is training your mind to think accurately and understand concepts better. Reading helps you generate sound ideas and principles you can apply to life and business to become better.
   Reading is not restricted to students in school. Learning is for everyone and for lifetime. In fact, people who didn't go to school can out read students who do not read. Readers are leaders and all readers are either already leading or are preparing to overtake whoever is ahead of them. Reading sends you to the top.
    Read about your field, your trade, your skill. There are many books written in that area that can teach you many things you do not know which will give you an edge over your competitors I  your field. Reading provides you with information, and relevant information is always exchanged for money. What you don't know you pay money for people to help you with. Same way they will pay for your own services
   By reading it opens your mind, it grants you exposure of people who went to school. You can be at home and finish the curriculum of some courses in school. When students cram to pass exams you read to know and what you know is with you for use anytime. Knowledge is power. It is not enough to go to school, he who doesn't read is not better than he who cannot read at all. He who doesn't read doesn't know whether he went to school or not. It is the person that searches that finds, and you must not be a student to find relevant Information in any field. This age of Internet has made knowledge so easy to assess. It is your fault whatever you do not know.
   One thing always mistaken about Bill Gates and other school drop outs eg Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, who didn't go to school but made it big time is that people assume they where not educated. That they didn't go or finish school doesn't mean they where illiterates. They actually where very educated. In fact both Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison personally thought themselves how to read and write. Franklin would use his lunch money to buy books to read. They where avid readers who read more than their counterparts who went to school. This distinguished the.  Among their mates in the world over. No illiterates make it to the top. If they do luckily illiteracy will pull them down quickly. It take education to go to and remain at the top. And education comes by mind training not mere attending classes.
  You can be relevant and highly sought after, with the most educated mind there is in and field you choose. The choice is yours. You can teach yourself anything. See you at the top.  Please share your views and criticism and questions at the comments button. Like our Facebook page www.facebook.com/Naija-youths-Arena.

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