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One thing you must understand early as a youth is that success is holistic. That means it it all round, there are few things that are absolutely necessary for a happy and fulfilled life, These are the things you must strive to get right and be a success at. Everything else may be needed as just additions. If you fail in one key area of your life, all other areas will be affected. even your other successes will be over shadowed by this one failure, your life will not be the sweetest and happiest, you will not love your life lived in the end. Regret will be inevitable.

      People are clamouring for many things, fighting legally and illegally so succeed in different endeavours, but only few things really do matter. Have you discovered them? Everything doesn't weigh the same in importance. People have areas of their lives that are critical to their success and ultimate joy in life individually. Success in other areas hinge on success in that's things.

    I have discov…


I hear it being debated very often "must everyone go to school"? People aptly support their argument against by stating the fact that most graduates are poor and Jobless while some of the richest men in the world where school dropouts.        That can be a valid argument against going to school if indeed making money and becoming wealthy is the sole aim of getting into school,  and for the graduates that are Jobless, a lot of factors are responsible which we will consider. The fact that some people never got educated even when they went to school and the truth of government involvement in Job creation should not be blamed on the school system. The curriculum is not as helpful but still, people get what they need from the system when engaged with the appropriate activities and mindset. Not wanting to make an argument for going to school, I just want to present few reasons I feel are cogent enough to consider going to school an absolute neccesity in this gestation e…


Everyone pursues success in life. Success in one endeavor or another. It is human nature to seek to succeed, success signifies growth which is a major characteristic of all living things.        Failure on the other hand is dreaded. Nobody embarks on a project and hopes to fail in the end, Even when failure is seen as part of the cumulative process leading to success, nobody still enjoys to fail. It is painful and undesirable. But if handled appropriately one can harness the potentials of previous failures  to ultimately win.      The essence of this post is to highlight the first principles of success that will ensure we eventually win irrespective of the enterprise we are engaged in. These are long standing certainties about success that must be known ever before success is vehemently desired.
This is because myths and misunderstandings surrounding this concept of success is the Main reason people fail. When one is working under false assumptions and conclusions that are c…


There is a saying that if you want anything hidden from a Blackman, put it in a book. That is because he will never come across it in that he never reads. Someone may say "what an insult to the blacks"  but the truth is that Ignorance is the number 1 problem of the black man and with ignorance cones it's elder brother "poverty". Poverty is the major identifiable problem everyone wants to address in Africa, but it's root cause is ignorance and illiteracy. Lack of relevant information. Knowledge, is referred to as light, and with it comes civilization and development. Knowledge from Information develops and equips the mind. It sharpens the person  and positions him for creativity and value creation. With value creation comes wealth generation and societal influence     Lack of information is ignorance which is synonymous with darkness. Ignorance is a disease especially of the poor. Poverty is only a deficiency of the mind to invent, create value a…