One thing you must understand early as a youth is that success is holistic. That means it it all round, there are few things that are absolutely necessary for a happy and fulfilled life, These are the things you must strive to get right and be a success at. Everything else may be needed as just additions. If you fail in one key area of your life, all other areas will be affected. even your other successes will be over shadowed by this one failure, your life will not be the sweetest and happiest, you will not love your life lived in the end. Regret will be inevitable.

      People are clamouring for many things, fighting legally and illegally so succeed in different endeavours, but only few things really do matter. Have you discovered them? Everything doesn't weigh the same in importance. People have areas of their lives that are critical to their success and ultimate joy in life individually. Success in other areas hinge on success in that's things.

    I have discovered three key areas in life everybody must concentrate to become a success at. Success in one area may lead to success in others but it is not guaranteed, there must be deliberate efforts to carry these three areas along if a life of joy and fulfilment is desired. They include

    purpose is the  reason for the existence of a thing. A man must of a necessity discover why God created and put him in the earth. There is a specific assignment for everyone and until it is discovered a person may live a wasted life. Struggling through, working in areas one is not designed to just to make ends meet, poverty and stress certain.

       When one stumbles into his God ordained destiny path, money will answer to his needs easily. God designed that your purpose will provide all the resources you need to sustain the purpose and to make you a star in life. But you will have to discover that purpose first and be there.

        Outstanding success
Outside of your place of calling is very slim. This is because you are not gifted for where you are not called, neither are you passionate for it, and your resources for reigning is in the place of your call. Even when you achieve some success by hardwork there, you will never be truly fulfilled in that place. This is the major lack of fulfilment even among the very rich people.
  Fulfilling Purpose brings you joy and fulfilment than any amount of money can give you, even being in the place alone,  the feeling of fullness of life is indescribable. Somehow you will know you where born for this reason. Dying for and in the place of your purposes the ultimate pleasure.

   Dear youth, make haste, discover what you are here on earth for. That discovery is the best thing that has ever happened to you. Life doesn't start until you find your purpose. It is after you have found your place that living and working becomes intentional and interesting. You start living a life of meaning. Do not just exist, live, contribute your quota assigned to you by destiny to the society. (Read how to discover your purpose)

        By this I mean various levels of relationships, first being with your parents and immediate siblings, then as you grow, your spouse and children, also included are your personal friends, colleagues and associates. All these relationships are crucial to your life and happiness. Nobody is an island, you cannot be fulfilled in a lonely life.
     There must be people to share your sorrows with to make them bearable and share your victories with to make them enjoyable. Without a flourishing relationship with your wife and children, any success in career will be a waste. Your life will be empty without trusted friends. People to correct you, forgive your mistakes and stand by you as their own despite any challenges. Mentors and senior colleagues.

      Everyone has a circle of most important relationships, discover which relationships are most vital to your life and happiness, Those you cannot do without. And begin to maintain them consciously. Know what it takes to keep any of them glowing and decide to make it happen.

     Relationships have ups and downs but a decision to whether every storm is vital to the continued growth of any relationship. Decide to make them work gather relevant info about the person involved, his likes and dislikes and you will do well relating with anyone. If any of your vital relationships didn't work decide it wouldn't come from your insensitivity, negligence or selfishness.

     If your most important relationships fail, especially when you have a hand in it, you may never have your life all successful and happy, you will have to live with that knowing you could have done better or lived better life.

3) GOD
     Your discovery of God and a subsequent relationship with him is critical to a life of good success. The Bible talks about something called good success, implying there is a bad one. Bad success is the one that you get at the expense of character and principles, at the expense of your integrity and your soul. It is such that brings regrets in the eventuality. Success without God is incomplete. A life lived outside of God and his unchanging principles will first not be maximised, and there is the highest possibility of not fulfilling purpose which in the first place is God ordained.
     Then it is impossible you will find fulfillment not having a relationship with the God your maker who knows your every detail till death. The eventually eternity without God. The unimaginable "must-not-be-experienced" lake of fire. Not to believe the existence of God or hell, does not exempting from its punishment, it is deliberate escape through the one valid Road Jesus Christ that saves. If you have never found him, there is yet chance for you while you are still alive and breathing. Success starts here and ends here.

    A life of genuine spirituality will shield you from much struggles and offer you what the Bible refers to as good success. Also is the fact that genuine relationship with God will help you handle every other areas of your life to ensure maximum productivity and all round success. In fact, God promises us that in the Bible.

     Many people in their quest succeed indulge in many illegal and outright evil activities. Like stealing, looting, corruption, killing and deception and shady deals of various forms. Eventually they get to office of make the money but happiness and peace of mind eludes them. Because there is no peace for the wicked says God the creator. They live in perpetual fear and anguish. Keep running from the consequences of their actions without rest or sleep. Integrity pays. If you must succeed. Preserving your integrity must be your utmost priority. You will never enjoy the success you bought with evil, your entire life could be destroyed for it. See you at the top. 


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