Everyone pursues success in life. Success in one endeavor or another. It is human nature to seek to succeed, success signifies growth which is a major characteristic of all living things.
       Failure on the other hand is dreaded. Nobody embarks on a project and hopes to fail in the end, Even when failure is seen as part of the cumulative process leading to success, nobody still enjoys to fail. It is painful and undesirable. But if handled appropriately one can harness the potentials of previous failures  to ultimately win.
     The essence of this post is to highlight the first principles of success that will ensure we eventually win irrespective of the enterprise we are engaged in. These are long standing certainties about success that must be known ever before success is vehemently desired.
This is because myths and misunderstandings surrounding this concept of success is the Main reason people fail. When one is working under false assumptions and conclusions that are contrary to sound success principles that one is doomed to fail. The Facts include.
     I mean to say that success in anything at all is possible. It is possible to succeed in anything, in that thing you seek to succeed or be good at. There is really nothing new under the sun. Most likely people have done what you want to do before or accomplished something even higher than it. Even when nobody has attempted and done it before, it doesn't still mean that you cannot. It only means you can be the first to do it.
    The peculiar challenges of your dreams may make you feel it cannot succeed. People may have failed severally or even your may have tried without success, but this should not discourage you. If you must quit trying, it should not be because it is not possible because it is. If your dream is God given and you are passionate enough for it, you will find the way to make it come true under God.
     Ignorance of what it takes is the major cause of failure. When you tried and failed, it's most likely you have not tried all you can or not tried it the right ways. There is something you do not know yet, a principle you have not applied etc. It is your duty to discover what it takes to succeed in your venture and do it consistently until you win. When people quit out of frustration most certainly they have not tried everything possible for success to happen. Your dream no matter how big is achievable and you can succeed.
       Success is intentional. The fact that is is possible doesn't mean it will automatically happen. Success in any life effort is never by accident. People do not have success dropped on their lazy laps from Heaven. If it has to be it is largely up to you. You will have to get up and go to work on your dreams to make success happen. People who wait to get lucky always get something "disappointments"
    There is a song que sera sera, whatever will be will be, the future is not ours to see. We used to love and sing that son but the principles there are so wrong that if followed will produce the worst failures that fee world have ever known. No successful person let the future happen to them.
    First whatever will be will not be until you make it be. whatever will be can be stopped by your actions and inactions. Even God ordained destiny if not discovered prepared for and deliberately pursued will be forfeited. Destiny is not guaranteed. It takes efforts and cooperation to make it happen.
   Secondly is that the future is ours to see. The future is foreseeable. Successful people see the future in their mind before ever it happens it is called Vision . A future you cannot envision you cannot feature in. A great man said. ''the best way to predict the future is to create it" you see the future you desire first under God, then you pattern you life and activities towards that desirable future.
     Success does not just happen, you make it happen. Success is costly are you willing to pay the price for your dreams? What is it you must start doing in other to guarantee your success. Start doing it now intentionally and consistently and you are sure to succeed. 

     It is a journey and not a destination. Is is not just one particular thing. There are alot involved in making your a success in any one thing.  The process will cost you time and effort, it will discomfort and inconvenience you. Growth is a painful but necessary process. It will not happen in a day. It will include ups and downs.
    Failure is a part of the process of success. Yes, on your path to success, failure is a price you may have to pay. You may try more than once before you succeed. You must have the maturity to gather yourself after each failure and continue in your success journey. That you failed a step does not mean your journey is over, You can continue and get to the end where lies your glory
    Be sure to enjoy yourself on your path to success do not postpone your happiness until you get to the end. The process is part of the whole. Celebrate little milestones and enjoy the ride. Little failures will become inconsequential when you are looking at the Big picture and the victory ahead.
       It is all round, that you succeeded in one thing doesn’t mean you are automatic success in other areas that matter . You can win in one area and fail in another. To be all round successful, you have to make deliberate efforts to succeed in all those areas that make for a complete and happy life. You have to first decide areas of life you cannot afford to fail at. They include Family, Faith, Relationships, Career, Academics, Business etc. Research what it takes to succeed in them and decide to give what it takes. Because of how important this is, I wrote a full post dedicated to it - how to pursue all round success. If you succeed in all things and fail in some key areas, your success will be unknowable and useless. Find out what they are and pursue holistic success. It pays to have a well rounded and grounded life. Do not be a success with many regrets. See you at the top
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