I hear it being debated very often "must everyone go to school"? People aptly support their argument against by stating the fact that most graduates are poor and Jobless while some of the richest men in the world where school dropouts.
       That can be a valid argument against going to school if indeed making money and becoming wealthy is the sole aim of getting into school,  and for the graduates that are Jobless, a lot of factors are responsible which we will consider.
       The fact that some people never got educated even when they went to school and the truth of government involvement in Job creation should not be blamed on the school system. The curriculum is not as helpful but still, people get what they need from the system when engaged with the appropriate activities and mindset.
Not wanting to make an argument for going to school, I just want to present few reasons I feel are cogent enough to consider going to school an absolute neccesity in this gestation especially in Africa where illiteracy and it's twin brother, poverty is ravaging the population. The following are few reasons why you should go to school.
      The main reason school was instituted in the first place is to educate people. Education is training of the mind. The mind in its raw untrained form will remain dormant and untapped. There is need to train it so it can open up to opportunities, think properly, and harness it's potentials. There is formal education which school provides and informal education which is education gotten in non organised outside school setting. All forms are extremely important.
   Formal education is structured, it narrows the learner to certain skills that should be learnt and how it should be studied. It goes straight to teach a person what should be known without trial and error what has already been discovered and tested. If one is left on his own he may never discover it or may take him a lifetime to discover for himself what he could have easily learnt within a few years in organised school system.
    Formal education has its bad sides as it tends to streamline people and forces them not think outside a certain box even after school. So the need for balance with Informal education. But very Importantly, literacy gotten from school confers one with ability to read and write, analyse and understand concepts, think and solve problems effectively. This tends to detect the pace of informal education.
    Ones ability to learn anything in the overall is largely dependent on his ability to speak, read and write and understand. This is the basis of formal education and indeed any other type of real learning, this is why it detects the pace and possibility of any other learning outside school. A man who can read, write and speak properly and is motivated towards knowledge, I believe is educated enough to continue learning on his own, even if he doesn't have d privilege of going to the highest schools possible.
     The greatest tragedy of school is when people go through the entire process and are not educated. This is the plaque of our African society today. We see people who deceitfully meander through school, Examinations malpractice and various forms of cheating. Not having paid attention to the process that was designed to teach him the needed mind training.
When one is after certificate, it is very possible not to acquire mind training even after passing through school. The problem with our Nigerian society. The rate of illiterate graduates and uneducated unqualified professionals is amazing. But this on its own is not a reason for one not to go to school. Any one who understands the importance of school and the reason for it will still go and acquire the education needed.

     Apart from the basic mind training acquired in school, formal education also offers specialized training in various fields of endeavor. Most professional courses are done In the Universities and tertiary institutions, like Medicine, Engineering, Law, accountancy, psychology etc. A man must go to school to become a lawyer. These courses were put together by several years of research, experimentation and experience. People have spent their entire lives working to discover, improve and put together these concepts that are organized into professional services. In a short while you will be learning what took years to gather. If you desire to be a professional, there is no other way than to go to school.
     Exposure is one of the main benefits of formal education. In school through the rigors of the entire process, a student gets exposed to people and to things. Exposure is so relevant in life that an unexposed person is usually poor, I'll behaved and Inexperienced. Exposure to different cultures and ways of life. Exposure to trending issues, technological advancements and news, this is the most striking difference between one who went to school and who didn't
     Once a person behaves inappropriately in the society, it almost always shows that he hasn't been to school. Go to school and get exposed to life in the outside world. Get to learn how other cultures and people outside your immediate environment think. An unexposed person is irrelevant to the larger society.
     Apart from specialised knowledge you get from school which cannot be taken away, you get to be certified in school by relevant authorities. You acquire a certificate. A certificate States that you have studied this and that and you are capable of that. Whether you are capable is now a different thing which will determine how well you do thereafter. But people cannot give you a chance in this present society without a proof of your qualifications. There are just places that cannot open up to you, offices you cannot hold except with minimum academic qualifications. Even in politics.
     The worse thing is that the society is becoming more literate, more people are going to school everyday such that the standards are increasing daily. Positions held by first degree holders currently cannot be held but by PhD holders. The society does not give a chance to people who didn't go to school except of course they take it by themselves through informal education. Even when you have something to offer,  you must be accepted before you can prove yourself surely. People with inadequate academic papers have he just too much work to convince the people of their capacities. Please go to school, get the minimum academic requirements for your field more doors will open to you.
     There is no field of endeavor to which education and more education is not helpful. Even the world's richest people that dropped out of school have eventually gone back to school through part time programs and gained so many degrees and certificates in their fields of make them more relevant and useful in such areas. See you at the top

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