There is a saying that if you want anything hidden from a Blackman, put it in a book. That is because he will never come across it in that he never reads. Someone may say "what an insult to the blacks"  but the truth is that Ignorance is the number 1 problem of the black man and with ignorance cones it's elder brother "poverty". Poverty is the major identifiable problem everyone wants to address in Africa, but it's root cause is ignorance and illiteracy. Lack of relevant information.
    Knowledge, is referred to as light, and with it comes civilization and development. Knowledge from Information develops and equips the mind. It sharpens the person  and positions him for creativity and value creation. With value creation comes wealth generation and societal influence
    Lack of information is ignorance which is synonymous with darkness. Ignorance is a disease especially of the poor. Poverty is only a deficiency of the mind to invent, create value and be relevant to society. A creative and valuable mind is regarded and rewarded with wealth.
    Knowledge is power. The most powerful nations of the world like American and Britain got their powers and sustain it by having the highest forms of information available in areas of importance. The best schools and research Institutions. The best technology and creativity development centers, the best creative minds either by developing them or buying them, but by all means they seek to preserve monopoly of certain information because this is what makes them who they are. And in other to retain their positions they must improve on what is already on ground or risk being overtaken by more creative and adaptive countries.
      In any  field you have the latest and most valuable information, you are king and people will pay you handsomely for it. Reading is how you gather information as well as prepare your mind to generate it's own valuable ideas. Knowledge is acquired from reading books and materials that are available in that field.
       Reading voraciously does not only provide you information but it also broadens your mind and prepares it to generate it's own ideas and concepts that will make you an authority in any field. Annie. E cunningham and Keith E S. Noted in their book " what reading does to the mind"  that "Heavy readers tend to display greater knowledge of how things work and who or what people were" . Reading develops your thinking faculties. Education of the mind occurs by reading and with a developed mind almost anything becomes

     Reading grants you the opportunity to consume large volumes of research and life experiences of great people in a very short time. It gives you an edge how and where to start your own journey of success. It helps you avoid pitfalls that have been encountered and overcome by people who have gone ahead of you. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. What you are trying to do or become is not new under the sun. People have traveled your same road and made it to the end and you have the privilege of having their experience and life lessons in  books written by them or about them. A single book can save you 5 years of trial and error in life or career.
     The more you read around any particular thing, be it your career, your hobby or vocation, The more you become better at that, the more relevant and valuable you become. The more your value increases the more you can be paid to provide your services. Your income and salary goes up in relation to your personal value and the value you provide to people who need your services.
possible. Constant reading ensures you do not remain in one place all your life.
     The best at every identifiable discipline and the highest paid people are the most knowledgeable. The reason why a person earns more that another is what he knows and is able to do as a result. In business he who knows better strategies,  ideas and workable methods gets the highest patronage. Gathering of information in your field distinguishes you among your pears in the age. This is information age, a person who does not read has a very bleak future. The future belongs to does who pursue knowledge today. This is beyond academic qualification. It's not about the course you read in school but what knowledge you have to offer as a result of your schooling based on what you accumulated. He who does not read is not better than he who cannot read. A wise man said.
     Several graduates are jobless because they have redundant brains. You cannot be a voracious reader of books and a lover of knowledge and be poor. Somewhere along your search for information you will breakthrough an idea. Ideas rule the world. They do not come to idle minds. Reading engages your mind and stretches it. Your possibilities expand, your imagination is involved and it shatters your limits. What is impossible to everyone becomes foreseeable to a reader. The chain of timidity occasioned by ignorance are broken. By reading you gain exposure to what has been done, what is possible and what should be attempted. If you do not know the  record there is, you cannot think of breaking it
   Readers are leaders, they are pace setters, the world is owned by them. The future belongs to them. They are positioning for tomorrow by gaining knowledge. Your hatred and laziness towards information gathering is shutting you out of position of leadership and influence tomorrow. What you do not know is is your real limitation in life. All world's richest people. bill gates, Warren buffet, Mark Zuckerberg happen to be words most voracious readers. All world's best political leaders past and present. Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln. Etc are died hard readers. They know too much to be ignored. Both in economics, politics, religion, military, History, and the list goes on. Obama won the American presidency from his insightful speeches that where too deep and full of knowledge of the American Society.
   All great men happen to be fans of reading, you cannot rise to the top Hating knowledge. Their personal libraries where their first and greatness assets. Assess to read relevant information is what made them relevant. You cannot become great otherwise. It is not hard work or Labour alone that distinguishes men. The hardest working are not the most recognized or successful either. It is a mind bubbling with insights acquired from years of studies and research from relevant materials.

    The best pastors and Religious leaders are the ones that read. They know the Bible inside out, they read other books by other accomplished and successful pastors both past and present. Every field of endeavor has room for improvement by reading and research to find out what you do not know and get better at what you already know. Even comedy has relevant resources and books that the best comedians arm themselves with despite their natural ability to make people laugh. Their are learned skills they have to acquire if they will make it big time in comedy. Not everyone who starts out there succeeds to national and international levels.
    Talent is never enough according to John C Maxwell. Training, sharpening is too important to be ignored no matter how talented you are. Many talented people are languishing in poverty and obscurity. Constant refreshing of your mind with latest information to update your arsenal can't be overemphasized, if you must be an expert and remain so in any field. it keeps you needed. So, apart from you academic books, Youth, READ, READ READ. Read other books in and around your field. You will be too needed to be ignored. See you at the top.


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