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I write to ambitious folks like me who desire to call the shots in a few years to come in various works of life. Youths who want to hold the  stakes in the future and determine events in industries and fields. 

      Be it in politics, business, career or other endeavours, if you have the fire of ambition burning in your veins, the desire to get more out of life, to squash mediocrity, poverty and obscurity, then this post is for you.    It is with a sense of urgency that I announce to you that "the future is up for sale". The future of which we all seek. The current stakeholders of today have put the future up for sale. Anyone can buy who has the currency to purchase it.    It's not as though the current holders have any choice. They  didn't put it up willingly, just that it is not in their powers to hold on to it, Left with them they will own it forever. The future belongs to no one by inheritance. Even the current holders can only make plans to secure their plac…