I write to ambitious folks like me who desire to call the shots in a few years to come in various works of life. Youths who want to hold the  stakes in the future and determine events in industries and fields. 
      Be it in politics, business, career or other endeavours, if you have the fire of ambition burning in your veins, the desire to get more out of life, to squash mediocrity, poverty and obscurity, then this post is for you.
      It is with a sense of urgency that I announce to you that "the future is up for sale". The future of which we all seek. The current stakeholders of today have put the future up for sale. Anyone can buy who has the currency to purchase it.
   It's not as though the current holders have any choice. They  didn't put it up willingly, just that it is not in their powers to hold on to it, Left with them they will own it forever.
The future belongs to no one by inheritance. Even the current holders can only make plans to secure their places tomorrow, no one's place is untouchable. It is there for whoever is brave enough to take it.
     It is on this premise I therefore submit to you that even you can become a major player in the future. I announce to you with excitement and yet trepidation that the future is up for sale
     With excitement because it makes opportunity for us all who seek to own portions of the future to begin bidding and buying. It means there  is hope, we are not at the mercies of rootless stakeholders who would rather not let go. We can still take our destinies by our hands and be captains of our own fate.
     With trepidation because, the future waits for no one but goes to the highest bidder. Because it is already being bought up. Because even the holders of today are bidders and potentially owners of tomorrow.
     That while me and you are awake, lazing about and probably struggling for daily survival and m next meal, Men are already buying up large portions of the future.
    The thing with investments is that if you must now own a part tomorrow, you will get to pay a higher price than it was bought today.

   One thing I must make absolutely clear to you is that the future is not traded with money now. Even the wealth of tomorrow are being bought up today. What then is the currency with which the future is bought?
     The future is traded with intangible assets, because itself is yet intangible. Knowledge and Ideas, that is the currency by which the future is bought and sold . By acquiring specialised knowledge in fields and more importantly, generating creative and mind blowing ideas that are useful to human life people are today buying up the future from people who already own today.
      Different names are used to describe this future purchasing power. Creativity, innovation, education, exposure, diligence, excellence, efficiency and others alike. It actually means one thing : "provide something better than the current industry leaders provide and the future is yours" and this majorly is a battle of the Minds.
      Provide better product or service, lessen the burden of the society financial socially or otherwise, meet another pressing need, or a currently met need but better, faster or  cheaper. This requires a real heart for humanity.
     Prior to the 21th century the battle for control was more physical and financial than it is mental but now, it is in the mental realm than financial and physical forces are controlled. The best thinking companies or militaries or governments are the leaders among their pairs. The is a generation of the mind. There is however a higher realm than the mind augmenting it which is the spiritual. Read (Life is spiritual)
   The whole  fact of buying the future presupposes that someone is selling it. Yes someone is selling and that could very much be you unknowingly.  The today possessors of wealth and influence, political and economic powers fame are either consolidating on their powers or selling it unconsciously. This is because when a better alternative comes, they become irrelevant.
    Relevant is measured in terms of social impact and value created such that the society is willing to part with their money and power for. Whenever a stakeholder in any field becomes lazy, complacent or proud, he is quickly overtaken by serious minded ambitious future brokers who are willing to pay the proper price of diligence and discipline.
          So watch it. In areas where you seam to have Attained some heights and hold some stakes, if you allow a bit of pride, laziness, complacency or foolishness you are selling your future like the biblical Easu who for a plate of porridge sold hi birthright to his brother.
      Wealth academic excellence, creative genius can be lost to laziness and frivolity and extravagance. Do not think your position tomorrow is automatically guaranteed. The battle for ownership rages and the most ferocious, the one with best help wins. Life is that predictable.
     One tool I do not want you to forget to put in your arsenal is the help of the supernatural. It is one strong market place where the future is bought and sold. The natural realm is largely controlled from the supernatural such that things are already decided there and is made to play out in the natural.
     There is positive and negative supernatural, light and darkness. And without any contradiction light is stronger than darkness any day any time. Jesus said. "I am the light of the world" while the devil is known as the king of darkness. Align with light and have a secure and guaranteed future both here and eternity.
   When men are bidding for and buying up the future. Do not be left behind else you will be a servant to the real owners of tomorrow when the time comes. See you at the top.
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