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Friendship is a very essential relationship for a happy and successful life journey. It is one of the core relationships one should develop and maintain in other to have a memorable and enjoyable life. Life is easier and more fun with genuine friends: People with whom you can be yourself completely without fear or shame.      In this world of falsehood and a strong desire to impress and meet people's expectations. Talk, dress and behave in a certain way to be accepted. One of the most salient benefits of having friends is that you can be yourself. No faking, no need to impress.      Friends will be there for you even when some family members may not. Friends become family, they believe in you sometimes more than you believe in yourself. They know you enough to help you even with things you never knew about yourself. Everybody needs a friend. We all can do better and live sweeter lives with genuine friends. (why we all need friends)      A Major reason people shy away from…