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It is said  show me your friends and I will tell you who you are; This is not mere cliche. Friends have so much impact in our lives that we are unconsciously
Influenced by them. 
We begin to behave like them even without thinking about it. If we understand the influence the people we call friends have on our lives we will all be careful in being being quick to call someone our friend.
    You are an average of the sum total of the 5 closest persons in your life, when you look at your friends there are usually many things that are similar among you. Before any friendship will develop, there are one or two things that bring you together.
 Your similarities may be good thongs but watch it. The bad characters in your friend that you do not like, by being close to the person gradually become permissible and as time goes on enjoyable.
   Watch your friends have been a time tested advice, many have had their live destroyed and their destinies injured due to bad company. Even the holy bible sa…