It is said  show me your friends and I will tell you who you are; This is not mere cliche. Friends have so much impact in our lives that we are unconsciously
Influenced by them. 

We begin to behave like them even without thinking about it. If we understand the influence the people we call friends have on our lives we will all be careful in being being quick to call someone our friend.

    You are an average of the sum total of the 5 closest persons in your life, when you look at your friends there are usually many things that are similar among you. Before any friendship will develop, there are one or two things that bring you together.

 Your similarities may be good thongs but watch it. The bad characters in your friend that you do not like, by being close to the person gradually become permissible and as time goes on enjoyable.

   Watch your friends have been a time tested advice, many have had their live destroyed and their destinies injured due to bad company. Even the holy bible says it "be not deceived,evil communication corrupt good manners". 

Most of the time alcoholics first adventure with alcohol was preempted by a friend. A chain smoker today started with a friend handing him a cigarette to take his first draw. A cultist was introduced by a friend.

    The idea of choosing your friend implies that people can choose you as their friends . good or bad people can decide they want to be your friend for whatever reason and decide to become close to you. If you are not intensional about who want to relate with you will find yourself with all sort of people as friends. 

Some people for the sole purpose of distracting and leading you astray and for selfish reasons seek to be your friends. You must be able to fish them out. If the  devil wants to destroy you he comes as a friend

   Some other people do not have bad intentions towards you but they have bad habits and tendencies. They do not have anything good to offer you. Being friends with them will not just waste your time. But if care is not taken they will lead you astray. You will learn their evil ways and bad habits even when you initially never wanted to.

Sometimes friendship just develops unconsciously to both of you,  o
Something just brought you two together, maybe distance or classmates or neighborhood or church, and due to your common engagement, friendship develops. 

When it happens like this, there's usually more than one common thing between you, if not you would not become friends among other people. This does not however mean that should be your friend. He or she may still have some character traits that could be detrimental to your life or reputation. That is why our parents always warn us of some certain people haven seen something wrong with their personality.

In esser, do not allow friendship simply because they just developed out of common interests. Check all  your friends if they are the kind of people you want around you. Do it even before the friendship becomes close. 

It is best you make a list of qualities peoplebshould must possess to be your friends and stick to it. Someone with no future ambition and no direction in life should not be found around you, else you will lose your drive and direction as well.

DECIDE with the help of mentors or your parents the character traits that must not be found in anyone that is close to you. It is better to be alone than to be in bad company. This will save you a lot of stress and regrets that could occur much later in life

Among your friends, if any one has terrible character and evil tendencies such as are injurious to a good name and reputation, as someone who is serious with life and resolute about the future, you need to  desist from such relationship. 

This is what it means to choose your friends. Do not let anyone force him or herself on you. Some people with ulterior motives, will desperately come close to you. Spot them and disengage. Friendship is not by force. Neither will you die if someone is not your friend.

Your list will help you see good and well behaved people you can deliberately make friends with. If you see one or two qualities in a person you admire and want to emulate. It is okay if you seek to be the persons friend. The right way though. 

Do not begin to impose yourself on them or beg them as though you are desperate. Friendship love should be mutual. While you love and respect the person, she should also reciprocate and desire to be a friend.

Friendship relationships is a beautiful thing, yet very serious. It should be given more thought than it currently is. If we all made a little effort to chose our friends, the society will not be in the kind of mess it is now.

It was Charles (Nick name:Tremendous ) Jones who said that you will be exactly the same way you are now 5 years from today but for the kind of friends you keep and the books you read.

Who becomes your friends must never be left to chance, else you will end up with many bad friends to your own hurt. Friendship is a choice and you must make that carefully bearing in mind the kind of characters you do not want to be associated with. 
See you at the top

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