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4 Keys for Developing Passion for your Course of Study

When you gain admission to study any course in college or university, passion is a very essential ingredient if you are going to succeed in that course or career path. It  is extremely important that you have passion for your course. Passion means enthusiasm, zeal. This is what will drive you to do your best and achieve the best fits in sch and even in your career when you graduate from school.
   Without passion, no matter how easy the course is,you will not do well, because you will not put in your best, and lack of passion increases the chances of you dropping out of school and not finishing with your education. Lack of passion also also ensures you never succeed in that discipline no matter how lucrative it is or how gifted or equipped you are. Passion is absolutely necessary for success in any endeavor
   The biggest cause of lack of passion for you course of study is a situation where you did not choose that course by yourself initially, either your parents forced you into it o…