4 Keys for Developing Passion for your Course of Study

When you gain admission to study any course in college or university, passion is a very essential ingredient if you are going to succeed in that course or career path. It  is extremely important that you have passion for your course. Passion means enthusiasm, zeal. This is what will drive you to do your best and achieve the best fits in sch and even in your career when you graduate from school.
   Without passion, no matter how easy the course is,you will not do well, because you will not put in your best, and lack of passion increases the chances of you dropping out of school and not finishing with your education. Lack of passion also also ensures you never succeed in that discipline no matter how lucrative it is or how gifted or equipped you are. Passion is absolutely necessary for success in any endeavor
   The biggest cause of lack of passion for you course of study is a situation where you did not choose that course by yourself initially, either your parents forced you into it or circumstances.  Like very popularly  in Nigeria where you apply for one course in the university and are given another one when the admission list comes out for whatever reason
    Whatever be the reason why you do not already love your course of study is not the most important zbit that you have to develop passion for your discipline if you ever want any chance at success in it is key. And that is the purpose of this post
    Developing passion for any course of study is really not a hard thing. With these 4 keys I am going to give you, when practiced, you will find yourself madly in love with your given course at any course at all you need want to develop passion for . the keys include:
    First and foremost, you have to make a decision to study the course, I know you may not have chosen it and if not for conditions, you will not know that course "existed", but now you are here, give it the benefit of doubt. the the reason it seams like you hate it completely is because you have closed your heart to the possibility of doing or ever loving the course. open your heart, have an open mind towards the course and decided to try it out genuinely and you will love it.
  Realize that people are doing it,humans like you are passionate about it,doing and succeeding in it. This first reason to check it out with an open mind will open up many new things to you, better ways seeing the course, opportunities and possibilities you never would have known existed in that course environment
   This is one of the most important things that will launch you into deep love for this course. Go on a deep research and study about this course. Ignorance is the highest cause of hatred and indifference. It is because you know nothing or little about this your discipline, that you do not seam you like it. Even if you think you know much, you will be surprised at how much more you will discover when you search deliberately.
What do you Search for? Find out
i) the requirements to do the course
ii) the job opportunities available to people who did the course directly
iii) other related things you can do with a certificate in that field
IV) other unrelated uses of your certificate in that field of knowledge
V) People who have succeeded in that field of study
VI) how your course adds value and contributes to the society and how people are already doing it
Vii) how this course will lead you to achie your dreams in life
Viii) how specifically people make money in that field
ix) how you particularly can make money from that field
   These information is invaluable, and they are very available on the way internet about any course, in books and magazines, in the library. With these knowledge at your disposal, you will realize how important your course is in the scheme of things and come to respect it haven also found out you you can succeed at it, make money and achieve your life goals.
   There are people who have done that course and succeeded at it. There is no better place to find passion than in the company of successful people. Most courses are difficulty in its own way and if you hear the failure speak, how impossible the course is will be the topic, but when you see successful people, you know the stress is worth it. They tell you it is possible and show you how with their lives
   If you want to develop passion for agriculture, talk to an agriculturist. The mistake many make is going to drop outs and people who quit to talk to concerning a thing they want to do. From my these people you will only hear negativity and fear. Reasons why you should not waste you time and worse things.
   But from the successful you will hear possibilities, strategies and ideas for winning. They will clear your doubts and correct your misconceptions about the course .
   Find colleagues who have gone ahead of you, ones still in school and ones who have graduated and are  plying the trade, doing well at it. Let those ones become your role models. Identify and connect with them. As they are higher than you, it will take you some work to get them to be friends or mentors but do that work, you are guaranteeing your success.
  Just talking with them with entirely change your concept and orientation about that field. Even a field you do not want to the enter, by just clicking talking to a passionate person in that field you might just be converted. Passion is contagious and encounter with passionate people do light you up with passion. And passionate people are usually or eventually successful people.
   Small successes culminate  into passion and love, these leads to much hardwork and greater success. Seek to achieve some success is n your course of study ,success is addictive.  with some of it and the honour that comes with it, you will become more ambitious and would love to achieve even more.
    Do not let lack of initial passion make you start failing in that course at first. Decide to pass all you beginning Examinations and tests very well. This will drive you to higher exploits,. You would hardly want to quit at something you are doing well at. So, that initial decision to succeed and the effort to do well will reward you with more passion. And with more passion comes more success and the cycle continues. See you at the top.

Study your choice course-follow your passion

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