It is said that man is a social animal. Nobody can exist alone. We definitely need people. It is so vital that we cannot really live without other people. A child left to himself has very little chance of becoming an adult. Left without social relationships we be become disasters. Basic life needs as food and shelter are hardly met without input of people even going about their normal activities.

    This post wants to x-ray same extremely important relationships are needs to develop and maintain for a life of success and happiness. Without these life will be difficult, uninteresting and unenjoyable. Success in life will be unattainable and hardship inevitable.

    Your ability to develop and maintain these relationships will go a long way to make your life journey easier and enjoyable with your sorrows and mistakes trivialised. These are not all the relationships there are, but this in my estimation are very important ones everyone seeking for success and fulfilment in life should pursue to maintain.

      Also you could have more than one of each of the under-listed relationship. In fact, it is better having more than one friend for example. But these relationships are too intimate to be trivialised and care should be taken in choosing any of them. And i personally advice one has few but effective relstionships of these kind. The idea is not to have 20 mentors or pastors but one or more who play the roles efficiently, such that will spur you to greatness and excellence.
they including.

   A mentor is a guide, someone who is higher than you in one life area or another, Who is willing tobadvise and coach you seeing you through to success.
    This is someone  who has succeeded in your field of mentorship interest and is available and willing to lend you his tools. Tools in terms of experience, failures and successes so that your journey is smoother that his, with less trial and error. Giving you specific direction and clarity.

    Everybody needs mentors, may can do well without having any but you will definitely do better with good mentorship. While some people can never do well without mentoring. All successful people you can identify can name 1 or 2 mentors from whom they have drawn knowledge and inspiration from. It is a vital relationship for highflying.

   A mentor is best when she is specific to one area of your life in which he has expertise. Spiritual, career, relationship and marriage, academics etc. Some people can mentor you in more than one area Haven been through them. But you can have a mentor for each major area as you find necessary. There are other principles of choosing a mentor. And reasons why you need a mentor.

2)     PASTOR
  A Pastor is Your shephard. Someone that provides you with spiritual nourishment and  covering. Life is spiritual and you need a worthy guide to navigate the muddy Waters of life. Some one to join forces with you to generate spiritual power  to move obstacles of life

Everyone needs a personal pastor, I do not mean the pastor of your church even though he most likely could be your personal pastor, I mean a spiritual mentor and father.best of all, an anointed man with sufficient knowledge of God and his word.

Having genuine personal pastor who knows you and is committed to your life and progress in life, who speaks and you can listen, who you are accountable to for your spiritual development especially is invaluable. Your life and destiny will be preserved and you will avoid much errors and foolishness that you could you regret later

     Models are like your standards, those you wish to be like. Those you admire the most in certain areas of your interest. The major difference  between mentors and models is that you have active relationship with your mentors but your models may not even know you. They inspire you from afar.

 They could be very highly palaces unreachable people but their life and success is a source of encouragement to you. For example, Jesus christ and Benjamin Franklin are my models, one is dead the other lives forever

You can follow your models from afar, read all about them and their books if they wrote, their speaches, imitate them to the extent you don't become their copy but a different version of their grace is at work in you. Get a list of your models in different fields and make efforts to learn from their lives. Your life will become fuller and richer.

     Friends are a must have. Life is tasteless without them. Friends become family,they play the roles even family cannot. Some times they know you better than anyone does including yourself. Whoever has a few genuine and loyal friends is enviably rich.

   They are the ones to you must celebrate with to make any achievement worthwhile. They are the ones that will spur you to action sometimes by force. Good friends won't  allow you make silly mistakes, they won't allow you waste away. Things your mentors may not notice, you cannot hide from friends even if you tried. They know you.they make life easy,they lend a helping hand. They are there for you. Friendship is the opportunity given to you to choose your family.

Building friendship is ardous as friendship has ups and downs. And choosing the wrong company can hurt you for life. It is actually better to be alone than with bad company but nothing equals being with good and genuine friends.

    A Family is where you belong not necessarily where you are from. Where you feel free and at home ,where  you are accepted unconditionally.
Everybody needs a place to call home. Not in the name but in the feeling of love and acceptance. A family includes mother,fathe, siblings and other relatives

A home is not necessarily your biological birth place even though most times is is your first family If you are blessed with one, but even a small group, fellowship, or unit in a Church related by Jesus with a father figure can prove very homely for you. An adopted child can be more at home in his foster parents home than even when her biological parents come for her

A family is there to nurture you from craddle and days of smallness till .maturity and responsibility. A family will provide for you till you can stand on your feet. A family will protect you from outside harm and when you are helpless and overwhelmed.

 A family consist of  those to whom you belong,who know your faults but will not give you up. Who in days of your failure and mess up will stand by you and believe in you untill good days arise

Iike I said, family behave like friends and friends become family. This is why these two relationships family and friends are most important. Not all family members will be as close or may play the role of family for some reasons, but to find a family or family member who understands brotherhood is invaluable. Such relationship should never be taken for granted and must be nurtured to full benefits

    Mentees include those persons you the have privilege of mentoring, who by reason of age or accomplishment or experience, you are ahead of and has submitted themselves directly or indirectly to be guided and influenced by you. 
People may not come to you directly to mentor them but by their disposition and openness to your influence and leadership, you do mentor them already. You need to be more aware so that you offer them your best. 
Same way some persons has in someway and sometime mentored you without any formal agreement About t.

One would think it is the mentee that benefits from a mentoring relationship , and truely so. However the mentor also has alot to gain from any consciously administered mentorship relationship. In fact every successful person has people he is mentoring .not just in the spirit of altuism, but as a way to reinforce in himself the principles he had known and succeeded with

Mentoring helps you keep aflame and handy the principles and secrets of your success so that you become even better at doing it. Teaching is one of the best ways to reinforce and ingrain knowledge in your mind such that you can hardly loose or forget it. 

Mentoring also very ironically help you learn new things, you learn while teaching from yourself as you continue to think through the process and from your mentees as they think and ask questions. They can even profer solutions to problems you had not been able to see

The joy of being a model and being looked up to is immeasurable, you will only understand it when you become one. And very finally most importantly. The responsibility of being a model has a propelling force to excellence and success. When you know people are looking up to you and the number of people you will disappoint when you fail. It becomes very difficult for you to be lazy and to behave foolishly. This will help you on your toes for the good of all. You will go on to succeed and them following you will follow your steps. See you at the top.

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