What is it that you want? Every human has needs. Depending on how much you want whatever it is, you can get it with these 5proven secrets for getting anything you want.
Life is not mystical but practical. Life is not fair but principles can guarantee alot in life. When you apply principles which do not fail you make it very difficult for you to fail. Here are 5 principles, know and apply them to any situation and you will have your way with it.
   What is it that you want? What exactly do you want? It is not okay to have an idea of what will make you happy,  a general idea of success. What specially do you want?
Many people want money but just a few can answer the question. "How much do you need?" And that's the reason the majority cannot have what they want because they are not even decided about it. They are not particular about what they want.
You want to go to school. Which school, which actual course? Which exact type of man do you want to marry? You see you have not thought thoroughly about it.
You say any good man will do, that is why you why you have not seen him, because when you see him now you won't even recognize him. If you have specifications, it is those specifications that will attract you to him when he appears.
Maybe you have mentions one or two things in discussions about what you want. Have you put in down in writing? Can I wake you up at night and have you recite in to me?
What job do you want "I want a good job, I can do anything, just any job is fine". That doesn't mean anything.
Any job is actually no job. Have you seen any employee hiring for "any job"? It's not a job description.
The first law of success is clarity of purpose, once you are clear of what you want in very precise and measurable terms, nature will begin to work to bring you in contact with those specific things you desire.
The process of selecting among many options what you want, deciding, clarifying and your goals will grant you great momentum when it comes to doing what it takes to get it. You will be blessed with focus, direction and momentum when you know what it is you want.
   Nothing in life  is without a price, and nothing worthwhile is free, if you got it free, then someone has  paid for it. Second only to knowing what I want you must discover what is the actual cost; what it will cost you to get it if indeed you are serious about getting it.
Nothing in life is out of reach, only price makes them so, if you realise that, you will know that the only thing separating you from your heart desire is the price tag on it.
The cost of things is in many currencies, not just money. The cost of somethings is courage, some is time, some is money, others  physical strength, discipline, perseverance, character, relationships, integrity, etc.
Some have more than one price tag. A university degree for example will cost you money, time, discipline and perseverance and even more. The cost of somethings is just money anyways.
The bigger your dream, the higher you would have to pay for it. And big worthwhile dreams usually come with many price tags outside of money. Things that only money can afford are not very lasting and valuable. There is the financial, spiritual, mental, emotional, and other costs of any great vision.
Knowing the cost of your dream helps you decide if you are willing to pay for it. It saves you the wastage that could occur when you pursue a dream you cannot pay the price for only to quit after expending much energy and resources.
By the time you have taken time to find the cost  from people who have achieved it and from materials available, you will make an informed decision whether you want to really go for it or reduce your expectations.
The number one reason for failure of dreams and projects is lack of adequate knowledge of the cost before embarking on it.
Your dream will cost you a little more than the cost you will discover before embarking on The journey. But when people have very poor knowledge of cost, Very early in the project they will get tired thinking they have paid too much than is necessary.
Take the pain to discover the actual cost of your vision. In financial terms, in time consumption, in mental, emotional and other hidden charges. It is vital to your getting what you want.
     this is the step of decisions. You have counted the cost. At this point it will be determined whether you will get what you desire or not.
This decision point is so important because on the journey in pursuit of purpose, if you have no strong convictions, you are likely going to give up on the earliest sight of challenges
At this point I want to discourage as well as encourage you. The first is that you need to check if you can cope with the cost. If you believe the price is too much such that you cannot pay, then early enough you should bid farewell to your goal and conserve your energy.
There is no point starting what you cannot finish or what will only take luck for you to finish. You can use that energy and resources for something with higher probability of reaching.
The good news is that you can if you think you can. Even if you have previously thought you cannot, the human spirit possesses much power. That believe that "you can" empowers you to do it. That decision is powerful. It is energising and spiritual.
Once a decision is made to do a thing and you believe you can, power is released for you to do it. That is the way God made the human mind, that is condition at which God releases creative, innovative power.
Once men decide to do anything, even when they are currently incapable. Their decision paves a way for their brain and God to begin search for ways to make it possible. God in nature makes the way available for the enquiring mind. That is how men went to the moon and back. That's how aeroplanes where built. Even till today, those things remain an enigma to many, but just because men thought about it, felt it was possible and began to search they found.
Decide to pay the price to find the solution to your problem and a way will be made open. The power, wisdom and skills will be open to you. Decide never to give up untill you find a way, even if it means inventing an entirely new way.
Decide before you embark on the journey so that no matter what you see on the way, you have made up your mind not to give up.

    This will appear to be the most important step in the process of achieving your goal. In the real sense, it is an inevitable step. Without it we  have just wasted our time day dreaming.
However it bears pointing out that all the previous steps are the reason why this final step will yield any result and not fail. Without those, you cannot even get here, and if you do get here without knowing what you really want and the cost with a decision to follow through, you will end up working hard for nothing.
There are plenty hard workers who are poor and disappointed. People pursue and not get many times therefore faulting the  proven process. Do not jump the gun. It is not enough to just work hard, you must do it the right way.
That being said. You must pursue your dream. You have to put your hands to the plough and get it dirty. If whatever be the price, begin to pay it in full. The stage of decision and preparation must have prepared you for this period.
On your path, the journey may be easier  than you thought , but more importantly, it may be harder than you planned. You may even meet costs you dis not envisage in your planning period, but haven decided ahead of time to pay the full price for your goal, its time to keep your word.
It becomes time to show that you see ready to win. To prove you are serious about what you want. Put your entire heart into it, Your mental, physical and spiritual energy, decide to exert.
God will release to you power from within to complement your efforts. For every obstacle that comes, you have within you the ability to surmount them if you hold on and find the solution from a tenacious and courageous mindset. In the end nature will release the answer you seek.
    This may appear over simplified for achieving whatever you set out to and getting what you want, but it is potent. It can give you anything you put your heart to get. Decide what it is you want and count the cost. Decide to pay the price and you can actually pay it. See you at the top.
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