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10 Habits that make you smarter

You might have thought that you stop learning anything significant when you leave school or university, and that your intelligence levels are pretty much set, but you can keep on increasing your knowledge right through your life.
You don’t even need to go back to school and study full time to make yourself smarter, you can add to your intelligence every single day. If you want to improve your knowledge and understand more, here are ten simple habits that will make you a little bit smarter every day.1. Read more.This is one of the best tips on how to make yourself smarter. Books are an amazing source of knowledge, so get into the habit of reading at least a couple pages of a book every single day. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy reference book to make you smarter, even an average novel will probably teach you something you never knew. Whether it’s a book, a magazine or a newspaper, the more you read, the more you will learn.2. Check out the Discovery Chanel on TV.Watch more documenta…

25 Poor Vs Rich People's thinking that make all the difference

The rich and poor people think differently in many ways, and that’s the real difference between them. If you’ve been in a pattern of financial lack or a lack of progress all your business life, then you need to examine your thinking and adjust it to match your goals. Below are different thinking patterns between the rich and the poor 1. The poor believe money is the root of all evil. rich people believe poverty is the cause of all evil. 2. Poor people believe selfishness is a virtue. rich people believe selfishness is a vice. 3. Poor people have a lottery mentality. rich people have work mentality. 4. Poor People assume the road to riches is paved with formal schooling. The rich agree with  acquiring specialist expertise. 5. Poor people  dream of the good old days. rich people dream of the future. 6. Poor people see cash through the eyes of emotion. rich people see  cash logically. 7. Poor people earn cash doing Job they don’t love. rich people follow their passion.

8. Poor people se…

10 Commonest habits of High Achievers

High Achievers are people who achieve some level of greatness in life. They might be successful entrepreneurs, professional athletes, Olympians, famous writers/authors, painters, engineers, singers, prominent religious figures, etc. Essentially, they are individuals who, through their thoughts andactions, achieve greatness. These high achievers all share certain common habits. Research have identified 10 of the most common habits of high to include: Consistency. High Achievers go at it every day even when they are down, lack motivation, are sick, financially destitute or when life goes wrong. They have specific habits or routines they perform every day no matter what. You can always count on them to perform in a certain way. They are incredibly consistent.

Focus. High Achievers are single-mindedly focused on their goals, dreams and routines. They block out all distractions. They are masters at single-tasking. They never take their eye off the ball. They are not Jack of all trades and m…

5 Habits for Achieving your financial goals early

If you are Hoping to achieve some   financial goals, these are the five financial habits you need to have.To Make money requires a great deal of financial discipline without which it could elude you completely
Someone may think his/her income is too small to make him become a millionaire. Of course, no one says the stipend you receive can make anyone become an overnight millionaire.But, whether your income is huge or small, you need the right financial habits to attain your financial goals.So, if you’ve been working on building wealth and you are willing to step up your efforts, these five tips could make you rich.1. Spend less than you earn.The first habit you need to inculcate discipline yourself about if you want to make money, savings and get rich is to spend less than you earn.It is just a simple, common sense that he who wants to save shouldn't overspend his income.2. Start Investing earlyWhile you save and spend less, it is important that you also need to invest that money …

7 Things successful People Never Compromise about

Successmust be built on a solid foundation. Because life will throw many challenges and difficulties at you as you are working to build your success.The challenges that will be thrown your way can knock you off your path if it is not built on a solid foundation.Even worse, you may get to the end of your journey and be left utterly unhappy with the mark you’ve left on the world.What good is success if you can’t feel good about the way you attained it?Is stepping on other people to get ahead good for your heart and soul?Can you be proud if you misled or exploited people on your climb to success?Of course not! I guessSo what are the essential building blocks in the foundation of success?
1. Integrity.A person is judged by their actions, and on the strength and weight of their word.How many times in your life has someone given you their word, only to go back on it when it became inconvenient for them? And did your feelings toward that person change?They demonstrated that their word could n…

10 Signs you have low self esteem

Low self esteem can be easy to spot on other people but not yourself. It is a menace, it will make you an underachiever, you must be able to identify it before you can deal with it this is because majority of the people needing to work on Self esteem do not know they the have self esteem issues. Below are habits and behaviours that spell low self esteem. If you find yourself practicing these, you need to work on your self. 1. YOU ALWAYS SEEM HAPPY AND PUT TOGETHER. You are the queen of making people around you think that you are completely fine. You don’t want to be a burden to anyone, so instead of sharing how you really feel, you put on a facade. And most of the time, people don’t see through you. 2. YOU ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU ARE BUSY. You constantly are filling up your calendar. You love being busy because it makes you feel less alone, and again, because you’re excellent at pretending. People are always asking how you do it, how you stay so social and sane at the same time. Truthfull…

10 Ways to Improve your intelligence and Brain

Here are 10 simple ways improve your intelligence and increase your brain power. 1. Do something new When you experience something ‘new’ that actually ‘stimulate’ your brain! Don’t get stuck in a rut doing the same old things – the only way to change the structure of your brain is to do something new. This creates new neural pathways, increasing your intelligence level. You could take a new route to work, try a new recipe for dinner, or even a new form of exercise – mix them up. 2. Exercise regularly It’s been proven that regular exercise helps to increase brain function and enhances neurogenesis. This means that every time you exercise you are creating new brain cells! Get off the couch and get moving! Your brain will thank you for it. 3. Train your memory How often do you hear people say “I wish I had a better memory!’ Yet no-one does anything about this! If you discipline yourself to memorise phone numbers and other important numbers (passport, credit card, insurance, driving license) y…

10 Life Hacks you do not learn in school

School is a valuable experience for about the first 6 years or so . Once you learn how to read, write and do basic maths, you have learned 80% of what you need to go out and create your life on your own terms. Granted, if you want to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer or do some other type of specialized work or Progression, then you will need to go deeper into the education system. Still, even then, true successin every area of life isn’t guaranteed. Many of the most important traits of those we admire are not taught in school—at any level.  The most important ideas and skills for successful living, on and off the job, are not taught in schools. Consider these 10 life secrets for living a successful and enjoyable life: 1. Persistence is the ultimate equalizer There are plenty of highly intelligent and talented people living on the street. Even if you feel that you were born with the short end of the stick, you can still be incredibly happy and successful by any measure. The ability to pers…

10 Body Language tips to Impress at job interviews

To be successful is something not everyone achieves. Not for the lack of trying, of anyways. Sometimes, it's just the way you walk, talk or behave. Sometimes, all you need to have is the right body language at that interview. Below are body language cues to impress at a job interview.

1. Sit up straight.

Slouching is a sign of laziness. It implies that you are weak and are making no attempts at changing your lifestyle.

2. Do not get fidgety at all cost.

Tapping your fingers or feet or playing with your hair are signs of nervousness and anxiety. Avoid fidgeting at all costs.

3. Make eye contact while talking

Always make eye contact with the people you are talking to. It implies that you are confident and are a person of conviction.

4. A firm handshake is a strong statement in itself

A firm handshake is the symbol of a strong and confident personality. A feeble handshake will give out the impression that you're weak and people won't mind rolling you over.

5. Don't cross your…

5 Courses that prepare you to work anywhere

If you wish to study any course that'll help you work anywhere, you'll need to check out these five courses.

Studying the right course in school will make you useful and relevant anywhere you find yourself

The quest to get a High paying job after school is no doubt the dream of every student.

There are certain courses that prepare you to work in any field and makes you useful and relevant in any work environment you find yourself.

1. Communication

Studying communication allows you to work anywhere

Communication is one course that grooms you to work anywhere and still gives you a satisfying experience wherever you find yourself.

As a communication graduate, you can decide to switch lines and do master's program in other disciplines like Marketing which also requires some degrees of communication skills.

Also, if you choose to go into Management, Business or even teaching, your communication knowledge and skills will help you communicate your way to success.

2. Marketing

This …

10 Bad attitudes Sapping your Happiness

Happiness is a chief goal in life. Everyone wants to be happy ultimately. Everything else men do is towards that goal of being a happy person. Anything that takes away your happiness is a loss irrespective of what it is. Men will gladly give away all their wealth in other to be Happy. What is the use of money without joy?
But this happiness has been covered with alot of fuss which doesn't have to go so. It is not far fetched. Not dependent on other people's actions and certainly not what we should wait for only after achieving our main goals in life.
It can be achieved by the little things we do or fail to do. Our happiness is in our hands. Here are 10 habbits killing our individual happiness.
1. POSTPONING YOUR GOALS. Procrastination will keep you from reaching your goals more effectively than any other obstacle. Start today by taking one baby step toward a goal. Do the same the next day. It doesn’t have to be much, but do something every day. Consistent effort is the key.
2. …

10 Things Men Find Unattractive in women

Just as women find some things unattractive about other women, men can also find things they don’t consider attractive in women. Here are the 10 things men hate about women: 1. EXTREME HAIRSTYLE Using products that boost your hair volume as well as accessories in your hair is something men are not attracted to – they prefer long, soft and silky natural hair. 2. TOO MUCH MAKEUP It’s fine using a bit of makeup on your face, but men don’t like it when you’re completely masking your facial features. Apply makeup evenly and pick a tone that suits your natural complexion. Remember – the “less is more” principle applies for makeup. 3. ARTIFICIAL EYELASHES Never use to much mascara on your eyelashes or wear artificial ones – men prefer nice and long natural eyelashes. 4. SHINY MAKEUP Instead of using shiny tones, go for matte makeup as men love it.

5. YELLOW TEETH AND BAD BREATH Yellow stained teeth and bad breath will put off anyone, not just men. Keep your oral hygiene at a high level in o…


One of the traits of successful  people is, they recognize the inevitability of temporal disappointments and defeats, and that they accept them as a normal and natural a part of life. They do everything viable to avoid problem, but whilst problem comes, a successful persons reply with a effective mind-set. Laziness is mental problem that has answer. there is no hassle without a solution. untill you die, you’d keep facing challenges in existence and the more you conquer them, the more you grow in life. a majority of these statistics are all indeniable. Laziness as a Problem may be resolved via making use of the right principles used in Problem solving. The bitter truth is that you may not  resolve any trouble until you find out the foundation cause of such trouble. So to overcome laziness, it’s exceedingly advisable to recognize the causes of laziness. The discovery of the phenomena that causes laziness could enable you to find a lasting method to laziness. After the discovery, your r…