10 Habits that make you smarter

You might have thought that you stop learning anything significant when you leave school or university, and that your intelligence levels are pretty much set, but you can keep on increasing your knowledge right through your life.
You don’t even need to go back to school and study full time to make yourself smarter, you can add to your intelligence every single day. If you want to improve your knowledge and understand more, here are ten simple habits that will make you a little bit smarter every day.

1. Read more.

This is one of the best tips on how to make yourself smarter. Books are an amazing source of knowledge, so get into the habit of reading at least a couple pages of a book every single day. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy reference book to make you smarter, even an average novel will probably teach you something you never knew. Whether it’s a book, a magazine or a newspaper, the more you read, the more you will learn.

2. Check out the Discovery Chanel on TV.

Watch more documentaries and factual programmes on TV and you’ll learn while you relax. Sometimes it’s easier to learn when you see things on TV and a lot of the educational programs are also very entertaining too. Just make a point of watching one half-hour educational show an evening and you’ll soon be soaking up the facts.

3. Play smart games.

Another good tip on how to make yourself smarter is, when you need something to pass the time, try doing a crossword, play chess, or have a go at some of the online quizzes. Exercising your brain will improve your thought process and memory, so choose games that will give your brain a workout, instead of those that just keep you occupied for half an hour.

4. Hang out with smart people.

You can learn a lot by just hanging out with smart people. Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t understand something they say, ask them to explain it you. Quite simply, if you spend more time with clever people, you will have to learn more to keep up with them and their knowledge will inspire you to learn more too.

5. Use the web to learn.

The web is unbelievably rich source of information, so use it to expand your knowledge as well as to catch up with friends and watch funny videos. When you see something on the web that interests you, or that you don’t quite understand, just Google it and it will all be explained. There are loads of tools you can use like free online courses, vocabulary building games, and IQ tests that would stretch your mind as well.

6. Keep a journal of the things that you learn

Another great tip on how to make yourself smarter is to start writing down what you learn, it is a really good way to make it stick in your mind. You don’t need to treat like a school homework project, but if you just write down in a journal the things that you learned that day, it will help you remember those facts the next day. Keeping a journal might also give you new ideas for things you want to research the following day.

7. Keep trying new things

Expanding your mind is about expanding your experiences as well as collecting knowledge, so keep on trying out new things. Pick up a musical instrument and see if you can get a tune out of it, read books by authors you never read before, and go places you have never visited before. Each new experience you enjoy could lead you onto new discoveries.

8. Use your brain to come up with new ideas

One of amazing tips on how to make yourself smarter is to aut your mind to solving problems as often as you can and that will keep your brain exercised. It could be something as simple as finding a better way to commute to work, or it could be something like how would you go about solving world poverty. As long as you keep your brain active, it will help to make you smarter

9. Share your knowledge with other people.

Explaining what you know to other people will help you understand your own knowledge better. When you explain something to another person, you often have to illustrate your argument with examples and, sometimes, prove that what you are saying is true. Explaining something will help you expand your own understanding of the fact and it will help you remember it.

10. Never stop looking for answers

Another way to improve your knowledge and make yourself smarter is to never accept anything as a given until you have explored the facts behind it. If you watch a news item on the TV, for example, find out why two countries have gone to war, or why food is scarce in a particular country. There is always a back story behind every news flash and that’s what will give you a better understanding of the world that we all live in. Stay smart and healthy


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