25 Poor Vs Rich People's thinking that make all the difference


The rich and poor people think differently in many ways, and that’s the real difference between them.
If you’ve been in a pattern of financial lack or a lack of progress all your business life, then you need to examine your thinking and adjust it to match your goals. Below are different thinking patterns between the rich and the poor
1. The poor believe money is the root of all evil. rich people believe poverty is the cause of all evil.
2. Poor people believe selfishness is a virtue. rich people believe selfishness is a vice.
3. Poor people have a lottery mentality. rich people have work mentality.
4. Poor People assume the road to riches is paved with formal schooling. The rich agree with  acquiring specialist expertise.
5. Poor people  dream of the good old days. rich people dream of the future.
6. Poor people see cash through the eyes of emotion. rich people see  cash logically.
7. Poor people earn cash doing Job they don’t love. rich people follow their passion.

8. Poor people set low expectations so that they’re never disappointed. Rich people are up for the taking.
9. Poor people believe you have to DO some thing to get rich. Rich people believe you need to BE some thing to get rich.
10. Poor people believe you need money to make Money. rich people use other peoples Money to make money
11. Poor people believe the markets are pushed by good judgment and strategy. Rich people recognize they’re driven through emotion and greed.
12. Poor people work for money. Rich people get money to work for them
13. Poor people believe you need to show others your wealth by lavish spending. Rich people do not need to prove any point to anybody.
14. Poor people believe investing is risky. Rich people believe  lack of Financial education is what's risky
15. Poor people believe in luck. Rich people take their destinies in their hands.
16. Poor people are scared of change and anything they are not used to. Rich people embrace and cause changes
17. Poor people have entitlement mentality. Rich people have responsibility mentality
18. Poor people blame others for their misfortune. Rich people are masters of  their own Fate
19. Poor People believe the rich are dubious people, not deserving of their wealth. Rich people know to get wealthy requires years of hard work and planning to
20. Poor people think the rich work the least. Rich people know they most work the most to get rich or stay there.
21. Poor people may be hard workers. Rich people must be smart workers.
22. Poor people believe in doing it alone. Rich people understand the power of networking and masterminds
23. Poor people thing either or, Rich people think both
24. Poor people think they know all. Rich people learn and grow
25. Poor people associate with negative unsuccessful people. Rich people associate with positive successful people.
See you at the top

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