8 Businesses to Start with Little Money

It is not news that unemployment is at its peak level now and keeps rising on a daily basis with the government doing little or nothing to change  the situation

The people, especially the youths should start thinking about starting their own business and make money without looking at the government. There are many businesses you can start with little capital and start making huge profit from it.

As a matter of fact, this Post is to help you  identify these  business ideas and also open your eyes to the important things you should know and do to be successful and make money  with it. Even if the population in this country is high you are not limited to make money now or later.

In addition, it is important to know that there are many people in need of your services. These business ideas will no doubt make you money and they don’t need much capital to start like I earlier stated.

Business Ideas You Should Start with Little or No Capital Include but not Limited to


This is also one of the business  ideas that people are using to sustain themselves and improve their lives in the country. You should consider this business service idea in 2018. This business has the ability to double your invested capital within a very short while. There is no doubt this business is a very competitive one. You must find ways to make your customers happy that the others are not doing and give them good customer services they required.


The fact that Nigerians are so fund of enjoyment and merriment especially the west. This is one of the many business ideas that you can take up a make a living. You should know that not everyone has the time and energy to organize their own events.

The era that the bride and groom will have to wear themselves out and cannot enjoy their wedding night is all a thing of the past. Many people have come to realize that for them to really enjoy their own events, they have to actually hire people to organize the event and they themselves will sit back and enjoy.


This is another profiting service business idea in the country currently. The make-up artists are in high demand, especially in the entertainment industry. If you have what it takes to be a very good make-up artist, you can secure a long-term contract which will be generating enough revenue for you.


This is also one of the service business ideas that require little start up capital. You will only need a large parking space for the cars, a steady source of water supply and a very good eyes for details in the car washing business.

One very good thing about car washing business is that you can also add other businesses to it. These other businesses include a bar, sports viewing center etc.


This is also one of the profiting business service ideas in this country Nigeria. Looking good is not only a thing for the women, the men are also included. Whether it is a haircut salon for the men or hair salon for the ladies, be sure that you are always going to be in business so long as you have what it takes to make your customers happy.


You should know that this is one of the service business ideas that are yet untapped. It involves cleaning of commercial establishments, construction sites, homes, parks, pools etc. if you have the right promotion and quality service delivery, be certain that you will make lots of money in this business.

This is one of the service business ideas that are making waves at the moment. Social media marketing is no longer  optional but rather, it has become a necessity. As a social media consultant, you can be hired to promote a brand and sell services on the social media. This is really a very rewarding work. One of the ways to make you stand out in the crowd of people offering the services is to be focused on a particular market, take, for example, the building industry.


It is certain that every event needs a photographer. You must know that by just owning a camera doesn’t make you a photographer. You must have to get some training, especially in shooting and editing if you want to pursue a career in photography.

Finally, to make money now in Nigeria you should not only rely on these business ideas outlined above. They are actually a very good place to start from. You must not wait to get that dream job or employment. Start from somewhere.


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