5 Things Men want In Marriage

Despite the whole feminism bruhaha , men and women are built physically and emotionally different, and we would like to salute all the men that have broken a lot of taboos to empower their wives, but at the end of the day, this are what a man looks for in  marriage, and this are what would make him happy.

1. Men want companionship in marriage. Men are just like us, they're looking for true feelings too! Aside from the all the romantic talking, marriage is all about communication and friendship. What a man really wants in a marriage is that you can be his best friend, he should be able to have fun with you, and be able to share with you his thoughts without feeling judged or stressed.

2.  Men want understanding in marriage. Like we mentioned in the previous point, being best friends is the key to a happy and healthy relationship. So, be understanding if he's having a bad day and would like to just sit down and watch a movie. 

3. Men want sex in marriage. Men will always be men, so you better be prepared to boost his mood with a special night. Men and women both have sexual desires; you can't be busy and not in the mood for a long time, give him excuses every night, and then wonder why he's grumpy and distant.

4. Men want a warm meal on the table at the end of the day. Okay - if there's any man reading this article now, this is not made to point out that your wife has to cook every night for you. It just means that part of feeling warm and loved is to eat a nice and warm homemade meal.

5. Men Want to be wanted not needed in marriage. Your guy got married to you knowing that you can handle whatever trouble life throws at you, he knows that you are your own boss, but he would like to feel like a man when he's with you, so let him be.


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