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5 Life Mistakes You should not make

You would not want to look back at your youth and discover that there are things you regret. That is why it is most important that you do your best to get it right now that you are young and your wits are still about you. A step towards doing that is reading this article and internalizing the following mistakes you should avoid making:1. Marrying the wrong personMarriage is a lifetime deal so it would not make sense to slug it out with the wrong person. The wrong person here means someone who does not respect you, support your dreams, who abuses you emotionally and physically or who does not help you grow spiritually.2. Not taking care of your bodyAll the messed up things like alcohol and drugs that you take while you are young will catch up with you. Also, the exercise you procrastinate over is sure to rear its head later in life.3. Not making financial investmentsIt is good to give your best to where you work but don’t waste your best years there. If at all you must work for someone…