Thiniking for a change

That Fallacy that people shouldn't think because it causes Hypertension Is why Africa is Underdeveloped. How can anyone dissuade you from thinking?

Thinking is the greatest work there is. Thinking is one of the highest act of living. The world is a product of thinking. Everything you see is a brainchild of thinkers.

The greatest people in every field are men who among the other skills they have are great thinkers.

You must differentiate thinking which is mental exercise geared towards finding solutions to problems from worrying which is a negative disempowering use of the brain characterised by fear and inactivity. Fear of anything at all. worrying Is Bad, Thinking Is Good

Worrying deactivates your creative problem solving brain. Thinking is calls upon it. While worrying will get you nowhere, thinking will get you out of trouble.

Thinking is the first step in the right direction. If you will think more you will not only come out of your problems but will be moved to the very top in life.

If thinking made people sick then all great men would have died hypertensives. Mark zuckerberg and Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Warren Buffet. All would have been hypertensives.

Truth is we have much less problem than the rich and powerful trust me. Thinking will not do us more harm than good.

How dare you a 24years old be afraid of falling sick from too much thinking? Are you okay? Don't you see that your life is this scattered and tattered because of too little mental work?

Your colleagues in other countries  are shaking their world through ideas received my sound mental exercise, you are here disturbing me about thinking too much. Come don't you bring that mental laziness close to me!

I think. I am a thinker, I produce ideas when I think. I solve problems for myself and others. It is absolutely normal for me to be quiet and alone, it doesn't mean something is wrong with me.

So when you see me think don't distract me. I rarely worry. I think about my life and my journey. Life is short to live it unguardedly

Please think! think!! think!!!. Your life depends on it. Thank you dear Nigerian youth.


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