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Do you look at the people performing in the higher platforms than you in your industry and envy, wishing you could be up there?

People like you or  younger,  doing what you really wish to do at the very top of your field. Playing in the higher leagues on a Global or national stage?

I have discovered you can play on a higher league. You are really not condemned to a local league if you do want to get out.

The Strategy to Escaping the Local league is not rocket science.


Have you discovered that in the game of football, highly exceptional Players are are not playing in our Local Nigerian league?

No offense to the NPFL, but even them consider it great when their player is spotted and courted by a club in EPL or Laliga In Europe.

When a player does well, He outgrows the local league, it is not pride, it is progress.

Two Ingredients are inevitable when it comes to Upping your game to  escape the local league and i am going to share them with you.

1) Competence(content)
2) Bra…