Do you look at the people performing in the higher platforms than you in your industry and envy, wishing you could be up there?

People like you or  younger,  doing what you really wish to do at the very top of your field. Playing in the higher leagues on a Global or national stage?

I have discovered you can play on a higher league. You are really not condemned to a local league if you do want to get out.

The Strategy to Escaping the Local league is not rocket science.


Have you discovered that in the game of football, highly exceptional Players are are not playing in our Local Nigerian league?

No offense to the NPFL, but even them consider it great when their player is spotted and courted by a club in EPL or Laliga In Europe.

When a player does well, He outgrows the local league, it is not pride, it is progress.

Two Ingredients are inevitable when it comes to Upping your game to  escape the local league and i am going to share them with you.

1) Competence(content)
2) Brand Marketing (Container)


Has to do with knowledge, the very skill, your competence in your field. People playing in the higher leagues are actually exceptional at what they do.

They are not mediocre nor amateur. They have spent time to horn up their skills and improved their knowledge.

This is where you got to up your skills game, take that online course, read that book, go for that training. Get a coach and be mentored by the best.

Become exceptional at what you do and the higher leagues will come calling.

2)  BRAND MARKETING (Container)

Branding and marketing are critical for playing on a higher league these days people.

Not all extremely talented and competent people have global stages, some are languishing in pre-Local leagues no thanks to poor Branding and no marketing.

One essential factor to a football player going higher is if he gets a very good AGENT. What does these Agents do? Market them to the best clubs and best leagues. Get them the best deals.

A good player without a good agent will go no where. His talent will go largely untapped, unrewarded and un appreciated.

How does it apply to you then?

BRANDING!!! what do you know about it?
 What public Image are you portraying?
 What do people know about you?
How do people perceive you and your product or services.

What people think about you is more important than what you really are so long as business is concerned.
The caveat is to make sure your public image is not higher than what you can actually deliver.

Invest in Public relations.
Polish up. tush up. package.

People do not trust poor containers to carry great content. It's human nature. It's God that looks at the heart not men. They are swayed by outward appearance.

Give them enough reason through your container to give you a chance to perform, then WOW them with your content.

Let your Container not be a deception but an accurate representation of an "over making sense" content.

MARKETING? How many people know you?

Get into peoples faces, if you do not they won't know you exist even with your amazing product/Skill.

It is business not personal. Away with the shyness and unassertiveness. Its your destiny we are talking about

Blow your trumpet in business. Advertise, pay for it. Go all out. You must escape this league.

You can't remain there, not with all you know. All you can do and all you can offer the world.
The world must hear from you.

The Higher league here you come.
The Higher league here I come.


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