Dear Nigerian youth, there is a mindset that is robbing you of your relevance and delaying your big break.

It is the idea that "I am still a student"

Question: What do you do for money? What is your occupation

Answer: I am a student.

Me: Like seriously?

The mindset of  "School vs Labour market"
That after  finish school then you enter the labour market. As if the two are mutually exclusive.

Whoever said you must put your life, your ideas, talents and passions on hold because you are in school didn't tell you the truth.

Whoever says you should  "concentrate in school" at the expense of your big idea and discovered purpose didn't do you a lot of good.

That mindset has delayed and killed so many good ideas, talents and passions. It has stifled the spirit of creativity and reduced maximum productivity among African youths.

The labour market is not waiting for you to finish school. Your destiny should not be played with like that. Those who did it are more regretful than better for it.

And especially in this generation, finishing school doesn't give you as much edge in that labor market either.

 For most people, after school is when they start all over. That's when they  begin to think seriously about what to do for money, Learning skills and developing their businesses. That is the tragedy of the Nigerian society.

Who says you cannot 
1 Start a business/company 
2 Develop your  skills, passions and talents 
3 Learn new high income skills and make money 
3 Take up responsibility for Big projects 
While you are still a student?

Have you considered our Mates in the developed world?  They are not waiting to become leaders of tomorrow, they are leading on the global scale today. 

Here is a list of 10 global companies started by students while still in school

1  Facebook
2  Microsoft
3  Google
4  Times magazine
5   Snapchat
6.  Yahoo
7.  Wordpress
8   Dell
9.  Dropbox
10.  Reddit.

Some had to drop out from school to concentrate on their now thriving idea that has now gone global. Meaning it wasn't a bad decision afterall.

I feel we should emulate our mates in the world and stop coming up with excuses for failure.

Do you know schooling is not equal to education?
Do you also know some people in the developed world now consider long years of schooling with millions of money spent a luxury in comparison to other forms of Education? 

We cannot continue to allow ineffective school system rub Africa of our creative destiny by sequestering our youngest minds and workforce in "School" 

School system that for a long time has progressively less and less to contribute to our economy and national productivity.

You may say I have something against school.  But i never said you shouldn't go to school ever. 

School you must go and certificate you must acquire if you must. Without it, you may never be given a chance in the society we are and the future we are entering.

I however have a problem with what the idea of "schooling" is doing to many Nigerian youths. Making them unemployable, unemployed and frustrated after so much sacrifice and expectation.

Do not live your destiny in the hands of "school". the course you did or the school you didn't attend. Schooling is not education.

Your destiny and productivity is far more important.
 See you at the top

© Adiemea Obed
Business idea and development consultant
Youth Enthusiast.


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