Willpower is not strong enough to sponsor your life goals.

How many times have you resolved to start or stop doing a Something, only to  fail after the first week?

Want to succeed at your goals in life or business? But you have not found the self discipline to stay on course?

You know what to do, and you know the impact that Action will make on your overall performance, but Somehow you can't keep up with this "willpower" thing to stay on course

You know that your actions are what defines your  habits which will ultimately determine your destination in life.

Maybe it's to break a negative cycle/habit or to form a new one. To add a valuable routine to your life. Exercise, Meditation, Journalling, Reading, Praying, Writing...etc.

Here is 1 secret Factor that trumps "Will power" every time they come against each other. It makes a mess of your willpower every time. Many times stronger than it.

It is only wise that we use it to our favour in building the kind of life and installing the kind of habits and routines that will take us to the top.

Here it is: ENVIRONMENT.

Yes you heard me right. Your Environment is that one thing 1 thing that will keep neutralising your willpower and frustrating your efforts to change 100% of the time.

You want to quit smoking but keeps spending time with your friends who smoke at the same joint you guys used to hang out?

You want to become intentional about your life, but your best pal is an NFA. A person with  (No future ambition)? That is it. You will never become that intentional being.

Any decision to change your life must begin with identifying the environmental conditions that follows and triggers your current state, and with a deliberate effort to change your surrounding factors else, your decision is just a futile venture

Your environment represents everything around you.

1)"".  The people you spend the most time with (parents, siblings. Friends, colleagues, room mates mentors, etc)

These include the people who influence you through media deliberately or unknowingly through: Television, Radio, videos, Music, Books, Audios.

You cannot help but be influenced by these people whether you chose to or not.

2)"".  Your Physical surrounding: The house you live and the amenities inside it, your room and the things you allow inside, the way the room is arranged down to the colour of your walls.The office you work in.The street where your office or home is located. The city/community you are resident.

All these things can motivate or demotivate you. They can inspire you towards certain lifestyle habits as well as force you to  maintain the habits you  are used to.

And finally

3)"".   The Places and Events you Visit. They include: Programs, Seminars, associations, fellowships, church, Events, parties, courses, schools, vacations.

They inspire you to change negatively or for the better depending on what they represent. That is why you must be deliberate about it.

Your immediate external environment: everything you come in contact with, That you can relate with your Physical sense impact on your internal environment: what goes on in your mind.

When your mind is influenced, your life has been changed, because you behave the way you think.

To Change your life therefore:

Identify the elements of your current environment that sponsors your bad habits and strategically remove them from your life. You wouldn't need to struggle with will power again.

Same thing goes with starting a new habit. Strategically surround yourself with people, Things, pictures, events, that reminds you and inspire you towards that goal.

You want to write more consistently and better articles or books: Create a writing space at home a nice table with fine chair, in a well coloured inspiring room or corner, get a wallpaper if it works for you.

Keep all your writing materials there. If you use pen and paper get the finest notebooks the ones that once you see you want to start writing on then. Get "sweet to behold and handle" pens.

That is How to put your goals on autopilot:

Create an enabling environment for it. An environment that reeks of what you want to do and become.

Create "an altar"  for your new habits.

Be immersed totally in it. This immersion is what you need to put your goals on auto pilot.

 Put it close to your eyes. exciting and invigorating. You can do that for any habit.

That is how to hack  self discipline. You will find that you do not need to struggle with will power again.

To put your goals on autopilot. 
Take your environment, mould it into the kind that will support the kind of habits and actions you want to imbibe into your life that will lead you to your ultimate destination.

That requires that you already know what you want and the kind of lifestyles that will get you there.

Remove any elements, be they humans or Places or events that doesn't align with the kind of life you envision for yourself in the future.

Change the environment entirely if it gets to that.
Leave that vicinity. Make it top priority

But by all means do not remain in a contradictory environment and complain how your efforts at change are not working.

Will power cannot neutralise the effect of environments in determining the outcome of any life. Do not use your destiny for that kind of experiment.

See you at the top

©Adiemea Obed.


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